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The Basics of Contemporary Leather Furniture

Furniture styles have changed tremendously throughout the centuries. Different designs have constantly juxtaposed and replaced each other.

Furniture today - often referred to as contemporary furniture - has its own set of particularities which make it one-of-a-kind.  Since leather furniture is what we're best at, we will focus on this segment. 

Here are basic features of contemporary leather furniture you should know:

Styles Which Inspire Contemporary Leather Furniture

Nowadays, leather furniture finds inspiration in a series of previous design and art tendencies.

  • Art Deco: predominantly ornamented and colorful, this trend continues to inspire contemporary furniture manufacturers.
  • 1920′s – 1950′s Modern Style: an expression of the technologized era. This style involves a clean design, use of natural materials, and a wide range of colors, including lots of solids and natural leather.
  • Bauhaus: oriented toward functionality, this trend promotes the use of machine-made materials.
  • High-Tech: this trend exploits new forms of expression which display our technologized society. Metal tubular legs are commonly used to enhance leather chairs and sofas functional aspect.
  • Minimalism: this is one of the distinctive features of contemporary leather furniture. To the detriment of extra ornaments like wood carvings, simple lines are often the chosen option of worldwide designers. Leather's genuine beauty is enough to complement any space. 


Contemporary furniture reflects all these past tendencies. However, it doesn't adhere strictly to one of them. Creativity and flexibility are the main trademarks of today's design style.

Unique Combinations of Colors

Today's style allows any possible combination of colors.  Finding the right colors of leather furniture to complement your space is no longer a challenge, considering the many different options available on the market.

The aim is to innovate and personalize your room in a unique way and having so many leather choices allows you to do so.

Right Proportions for Small Spaces

Contemporary furniture is made to suit small space living layouts. Today's leather chairs and sofas are specifically crafted for smaller city homes and apartments - without compromising style.

Functionality and Comfort Are the Main Priorities

Nowadays, furniture does more than just please you visually. The primary goal of today's leather furniture is to be functional and comfortable.

This is one reason leather recliners have become increasingly popular. Another example is today's adjustable furniture which puts a lot of emphasis on comfort and flexibility.

Contemporary Furniture Comes in a Wide Range of Forms

Contemporary leather furniture offers a vast array of exciting new shapes and designs:

  • Curved leather sofasthe perfect sofa for spending time with your family watching movies on the weekends.
  • Modular sofas have already conquered the market. Their versatile design allows you to redecorate whenever you please.
  • As for leather chairs, they vary from classic to futuristic designs. You can easily find a style to fulfill your decorating needs.

Contemporary furniture, just like contemporary art, is open to novelty and continuous innovation. If you want to get a better look at the modern leather furniture trends, check out some of the products we have in stock

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