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Your Practical Shopping Guide for Leather Recliner Chairs

Now that the holidays are over and you got some well deserved time off, the usual schedule kicks back in.

Question is, are you ready for facing the up-and-coming stress levels? Or do you already have comfortable leather recliner chairs to help you make it through the day? 

If not, it's time to know they're a highly-recommended shield against daily woes. Not only that, they have proven therapeutic effects. So, how about you learn more on the topic?

Leather Recliner Chairs Are Different from Sofas

Most people are tempted to look at recliners the way they look at sofas. So, what you need when shopping for leather recliner chairs is, well, the proper information.

Recliners are manufactured differently from sofas, as they are part of the 'motion' or 'action' furniture category.

leather recliner chairs

As you can gather, there are pieces that adapt shape in order to accommodate the user. Recliners display a footrest you can set at an angle you find comfortable.

To understand how they do that, let's look into the manufacturing process:

  1. The wooden frames which shape a recliner are assembled using nuts, bolts and nails. This process is most often carried out manually, requiring strenuous work from a skilled professional.
  2. The metal mechanism and rigid foam bodies are attached to the frame.
  3. Upholstery pieces are sewn and prepared to accommodate the cushions. Then, they're stapled onto the sides of the chair.
  4. Final touches, like the activating mechanism, are added.

As you can see, a lot of work is put into building a recliner chair to ensure maximum durability. Knowing this, you can understand the pricing and look beyond it.

Functionality First, Aesthetics Second

We know, you may have put great efforts into decorating your home. And leather recliner chairs are heavier than standard lounge chairs.

leather recliner chairs

When shopping, the main focus should be on the functional features and you should choose what feels most comfortable.

After all, design trends come and go, but a recliner is sure to endure the test of time and really make its money's worth. You can even turn the surrounding space into a reading nook by adding a lamp and an ottoman or coffee table.

Are you already beginning to picture it? We sure hope so. In fact, we can help you with a recommendation:

Technical Points

Now that you know what to expect, let's get to the technical side of the matter. Pay attention to:

  • the gap between the seat and the leg rest - it's important that legs are not caught up in the gap.
  • buttons and levers being out of reach for small children or pets.
  • hardwood frame - plywood frames are obviously less costly, but they could falter in the long run. Solid wood is better.
  • leather quality - top grain leather is what you should be after.
  • high foam density and swift functioning of the footrest.
  • level of comfort - the perfect recliner should support the neck and the head, with legs sitting comfortably when the chair is upright.

Are you feeling more prepared to take on recliner shopping? Let us know about any inquiries regarding the subject.

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