Bradington Young Leather Furniture

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For over 30 years Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture has been selling Bradington Young leather furniture at substantial savings. Bradington Young is based and built in the Foothills of North Carolina. This is very close to Boone, North Carolina where Wellington’s Leather Furniture first opened its doors in 1982.

Bradington Young offers the highest quality leather recliners, motion sofas and power sectional sofas that make relaxing and reclining a breeze.

Over the past 3 decades we have built a fantastic relationship with this wonderful furniture builder.  They like us, are hardworking Tarheels that take tremendous pride in their skills. You will find Bradington Young products in our custom catalog, quick ship and in stock portion of our website.

Bradington Young Furniture American Made in North Carolina

Bradington Young is no longer a family owned company. In recent years they have been sold to the much larger Hooker Furniture Corporation.  The product line has been expanded to have more leather furniture offerings like reclining sofas with power headrests and leather sofas with a more modern look along with more types and colors of leather to choose from. They no longer offer real custom options other than choosing the leather, wood finish and nail trim.

With the expanded leather offerings, they now purchase most of their leather hides from China. Not only have they made changes in suppliers and tanneries where they purchase their leather from, but they no longer offer solid hardwood frames. All their furniture frames are now made using engineered hardwoods. This manufacturing technique and the fact that most of their leathers come out of Asia changes their position in today's marketplace.

Carolina Custom LeatherCarolina Custom Leather Furniture

Located in the foothills of North Carolina, Carolina Custom Leather builds a superior leather furniture product. Close attention to detail is paid to every handmade sofa, chair, and leather sectional sofa that they build. Only the very best materials from the bottom up are ever used.

The owner of this successful leather furniture company has been in the leather furniture business for all of his adult life. Starting as a leather cutter and working his way up to owner and president of this outstanding furniture company. Quality, comfort, and design are all his strengths. The staff works together in their jobs to create the best leather furniture at the best possible price.

Carolina Custom Leather Furniture practices using everything green. From the hardwoods grown locally in the North Carolina mountains to the fill, cushions and nail trim options all keeping it clean and green. Local keeps Americans working and families prospering.  

What Sets Carolina Custom Leather Furniture Apart

Choosing the best furniture for your needs and budget is an important decision.

The furniture they provide to customers is not just some of the best you’ll find in North Carolina – it’s some of the best in the U.S.

Classic Leather FurnitureClassic Leather Furniture An American Tradition

You will find Classic Leather Furniture extremely focused on the quality of their leather furniture products. They pride themselves on going green and keeping it all in America. This is a line that makes custom easy. Whether you are looking for a swanky style or a sofa with vintage allure, Classic Leather has styles that are easy on the eyes.

One of the oldest manufacturers of leather upholstered furniture in the United States. Founded in the mid-sixties by Thomas H. Shores, Sr., they are still family and employee owned and operated. Classic Leather is a vertically integrated company, meaning they own and operate their frame manufacturing shop, cushioning fabrications, leather marking, cutting, and sewing operations and the upholstering processes. Their craftspeople use time-honored techniques coupled with the latest technology to build each piece by hand to your specifications. They understand that every piece of Classic Leather bears the signature of its owner and their unique style. And Classic Leather is still completely crafted in the USA. There are over 110 skilled craftspeople and artisans, many 2nd and 3rd generation, who take great pride in producing leather furniture that will last for many years to come. This is a tight operation and full of American pride from start to finish.

Hooker UpholsteryHooker leather furniture is manufactured in China using engineered hardwoods for framing. This is a promotional line of furniture often sold by Bradington Young Furniture dealers. This line works well with the Bradington Young furniture line because much of the styling is the same but Hooker Furniture hits a lower price point.

Bradington Young is made in the U.S.A. and carries a higher price point and a higher quality standard. Although both companies are now under the Hooker Furniture umbrella they are defiantly two different products. Hooker Upholstery does not allow any changes and all furniture is stocked as is. While Bradington Young is still set up for custom leather furniture orders. Hooker Upholstery will also be at a lower price point.

Hooker Upholstery also limits you to only a few colors or even one color per style. What you see is what you get. No changing wood finish, nail trim or leather type or color. One plus for Hooker Furniture is that it is kept in stock while all the Bradington Young furniture products must be built to order.

Leathercraft Leather FurnitureLeathercraft - High Quality American Made Leather Furniture

Leathercraft furniture has what you need to furnish your home, office, or even your second home with high fashion leather furniture. Exceeding industry standards in every detail. Whether your home is in the mountains or on the coast, Leathercraft has your style. Select a cute cottage piece or choose a modern sophisticated look like a traditional tufted leather chesterfield sofa and loveseat. Plush soft seating filled with fine quill free feathers and premium top-grain leathers from around the world Leathercraft is in a class of its own offering you the flexibility to customize.

McKinley Leather FurnitureMcKinley Leather Furniture History

McKinley Leather furniture started over 25 years ago, in 1989. Then and still now, they are a family leather furniture business. Mr. Mitchell along with his daughter Lori have built McKinley Leather furniture into one of the highest end leather and most respected furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. Between the two of them they have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and designing high end leather furniture. A huge part of their success is keeping it local. Promoting built in America with pride!

American Made Leather Furniture

Most of their employees have also been with them from the beginning. All their furniture builders take tremendous pride in the quality of the high-end furniture they produce. There is nothing left out of the quality. They use the finest thread to sew, the cleanest knot free solid hardwoods (mostly maple) for all frames, all are 8-way hand tied construction, and have solid brass nails that are driven one by one by hand. These fine raw materials are used to assemble their furniture by seasoned craftspeople that understand and use only the finest materials and manufacturing methods. There is nothing omitted when McKinley makes your custom leather furniture. Each piece they make will have their signature attached. It’s not just furniture, it is a piece of art!

Omnia Leather FurnitureOmnia American Made Leather Furniture

Humble beginnings like with most companies, Omnia Furniture was born out of a passion for European leathers, American furniture quality, and the hard work of two very dedicated men that had a vision. This love of country and passion for unique high-quality furnishings has now been passed onto each of their sons. The founders of this quality furniture company were both immigrants from Italy looking for a way to provide for their families and provide a product that Americans had little to choose from at that time. European inspired designed, quality furniture at an affordable price point. These hardworking men wanted to provide the best of both worlds and they did just that. Their European furniture designs along with the handsome buttery soft leathers soon became known as Omnia Leather Furniture. Starting in 1993 the company began to see rapid growth and not long after that both sons of the founding fathers Salvatore and Emilio joined the company. Both men worked their way through every phase of furniture manufacturing so both Peter or Louie have the same drive and passion for quality furniture manufacturing as their fathers before them. Omnia is a company that has a rich history and great work ethic.

Palliser FurnitureWellington’s Leather Furniture Offers Palliser Furniture at a Reduced Price

Palliser furniture is based in North America. Most of the furniture they manufacture is still made in Canada, although some is manufactured in Mexico. They offer a diverse array of styles. Not only do they use leather for upholstering they also offer fabrics. Palliser is a line priced and designed for those seeking comfort at a lower price point. In browsing through their many styles, you will find the options of all top grain leather covered, leather/split or leather/vinyl. These choices allow you to select your price point.

Spectra Home FurnitureSpectra Home Furniture

A fantastic leather furniture line that is manufactured in China and warehoused in North Carolina. Spectra home Furniture is a product for those seeking a lower price point but not sacrificing quality.

Luxury Leather Furniture

Spectra home leather furniture is committed to building the most up-to-date furniture styling, with emphasis on comfort and quality. Their furniture products are designed for American households and tastes. Although the actual furniture is assembled in China. Part of the appeal of this line is it is manufactured using only 100% top grain cowhide everywhere. No splits or vinyl or even bonded leathers. Most other import companies that are sold in the larger box stores here in the U.S.A. all have some sort of man-made material they use to get their prices down. Spectra Home Furniture is a good choice for the medium price point leather furniture shopper.

Style Upholstery

Style Upholstery Bar Stools on SaleMade in North Carolina using solid hardwood frames and true 8-way hand-tied construction. You can expect beautiful tailoring and a solid foundation. Specializing in bar stools and occasional seating this is a specialty furniture line that offers fabric, vinyl, and leather selections on each piece of furniture they build.

Style Upholstering is an excellent choice for chairs and bar stools for folks that want high quality comfort furniture. Style uses true 8-way hand-tie in all their furniture products. You will even find this labor-intensive technique used in the bar seating.