Man Cave Leather Furniture

We all love leather furniture and with good reason, it is stylish, comfortable and it wears well.  Nothing looks better in a man cave than handsome leather furniture.  Nothing says man cave like a buttery soft black leather sofa or sectional.  Your special place to escape should be unique just like you.

Black is not the only color of leather that will work well in a man cave.  There are other masculine colors that can keep the look you want in your special hide-away.  Although leather is essential for durability and easy cleaning.  When there is a party there is a spill.  Hopefully, your room is furnished with leather furniture because it can take it.

Finish Coming Off Leather Blog

There can be many reasons the color is fading on your leather furniture.  Let us discuss a few! Even though leather furniture is the strongest and best material for upholstering sofas and chairs it can still be harmed when not taken care of properly.

Sunlight can cause leather to lighten and fade.  This can be caused from direct or indirect sunlight.  I have seen a leather sectional that faded over time from a skylight.  Only the portion of the sectional where the light hit the seat cushion and back faded.  It was in a second home in the mountains of North Carolina.  You can only imagine the look on the owners faces when they came into the cabin after six months away and saw this kind of fading when no one was even there.

Online Furniture Shopping - Covid-19

Leather furniture shopping in the comfort of your own home is safe and much more relaxing than driving from store to store only to find they do not stock the new leather sofa you are looking for. 

Buying leather furniture should be fun and rewarding.  After all, a well-made leather sofa and chair will last decades.  Make the best of the situation and depend on knowledgeable and educated stores like Wellington’s that have been selling well-made leather furniture online for decades.  We understand online shopping and have the reviews to back our reputation.

Decorating With Occasional Chairs

We all hear the term “occasional chairs”.  What exactly is an occasional chair? To put it simply, they are chairs that are used occasionally but should make a bold statement in the room where they are used. 

Some call them accent chairs and many use them in pairs.  Really, they can bring a room together or they can work as a contrast of what you already have going on.  It all depends on the look you are going for.

Leather Executive Chairs

Think about it!  Many of us executives sit in our desk chairs more than we sit in any other chair we own.  Bad posture, hard seating and just a bad chair can make for a bad night.  It is important to have a comfortable desk chair that allows for good posture and comfort together.  Not to mention good looks!

Why You Should Buy A Leather Sofa

Leather sofas and sectionals are often viewed as high maintenance.  This is not accurate information.  Leather sofas are very easy to care for.  A loved leather sofa will last for decades, just like your favorite plant when you keep it hydrated, it will stay green and beautiful. 

Real top grain leather takes in the moisture from the air keeping it soft and supple through the years. New leather sofas or sectional sofas are a great investment in quality home furniture that is beautiful to admire and durable to use.

Choose The Best Seat Cushion for Leather Furniture

When considering a new sofa let’s first look at what it is used for, sitting!  A comfortable or uncomfortable seat cushion can make or break the comfort of your new sofa.  A beautiful leather sofa is good to no one if it doesn’t have a comfortable sit. 

There are many considerations when shopping for new furniture.  First, think about any health issues that may need to be addressed with a seat cushion.  Examples of subjects to consider would be hip or joint pain and even your age.  As we get older many seniors like a firmer seat cushion that allows them to get up easier.  Sitting more on the top of the seat cushion helps them get up without struggle.

Decorating With Coastal Colors

Leather sofas and sectionals are available in many different shades and finishes of leather.  One of our favorite things about coastal decorating is the color palette.  The coast offers some of the most beautiful choices in colors.  From the warm browns of the sea oats to the bright blue sky.  Coastal color inspirations can be found everywhere.

While most coastal décor draws from the pastel palette, it can still be hard to determine what types of colors to use in your home, how much of one color for the primary and where to use it.  The key is balance.  Once you select the primary color then balance with other colors to compliment the primary color.  Choose the color you love for the primary and all the other things will fall into place.

Leather Bar Stools and Chairs

Open concept homes are wonderful. They make even the smallest spaces seem spacious.  

As wonderful as they are, though, this design can lead to some decorating hiccups. For example, what are you supposed to do if your dining room and kitchen are next to each other in an open space?

That’s easy – mix and match your leather dining room chairs and kitchen bar stools. 

American Classic Leather Furniture

If you are in the market for quality leather furniture you should check out these excellent brands that offer timeless, quality craftsmanship. American made leather furniture brands like Classic Leather Furniture, McKinley Leather, Leathercraft, Carolina Custom Furniture and Bradington Young are all top-notch brands of leather sofas that are made in the United States.  Each offer American classic styling options.

Preventing Leather from Cracking and Fading

New leather furniture is a beautiful investment for your home or office.  There is nothing better than the smell of a new leather sofa or chair.  Fine leather furniture brings style, quality and comfort to any room whether it is rustic, formal, sophisticated or masculine.  Leather upholstered furniture brings that Ahhh… look and smell along with maintenance free living.

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.