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All these words give us a joyful feeling.  We all need all these things to be happy, successful, and complete.  Family and friends provide us with love and comfort in our lives.  We here at Wellington's Leather Furniture live by these words.  We understand that leather furniture has the potential to bring friends and family together along with comfort and love into your home.  It is important that we all remember these positive words every day.

How-to-ruin-leather-sofa-blog-a Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

Overexposure to UV rays

Oil saturation

Permanent marker

Using improper cleaners to name a few.

There is nothing more beautiful than the timeless elegance a genuine leather sofa brings to a home.  Leather furniture when cared for properly will last generations. 

5-Ways-freshen-your-room-spring-2022 Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

Ever want to re-due your room when you see the beautiful pictures online of high-end homes?

You’re not alone!  Accessories used with leather furniture together can brighten your room and take it up a notch.

Using Accessories to Renew Your Room

The feeling a leather sofa brings to a room/home is one of good taste and quality. Accessories can enhance that feeling.  Accessories can be complicated or easy.  Just a slight shift in an accessory can change the entire mood of any room.

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Leather sofas, sectionals, recliners and more at discount prices from North Carolina.  Shop for all the best leather furniture brands in one place and save big.

Leather Furniture Savings

Some of the best leather furniture brands are built right here in the Carolinas.  North Carolina is home to the most skilled leather furniture builders.  An art handed down for generations.  Wellington's Leather Furniture is your one stop shop for all the best leather furniture brands.

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Comfortable and stylish, a recliner is an excellent choice for your family room or living room. Choosing the material for your recliner is more complicated, though. 

Should you choose leather or fabric upholstery? Both types of recliners have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s essential to do your research before buying.

Read on as the team at Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture explains both types of recliners to help you decide which one is better for you.

Furnishing-the-family-room-blog-a Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

When it comes to furnishing the family room, leather furniture is one of the best options. Leather is a material that is simple to clean and keep in good condition. A one-of-a-kind leather furniture set can also give your living space a unique look.

Leather furniture also provides the perfect conversation piece. Your guests will not only admire your taste but will also be curious as to why you decided on leather in the first place.

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Whether you’re looking to furnish a family room or need all-around seating for your home theater, sports room, or reading area, a sectional sofa is an excellent investment. This furnishing style allows for the customization of many factors, including size, material, coloring, and more. 
Not all leather sectionals are created equal, however. Among other factors, choosing a quality, durable material is essential when selecting any furnishing, including sectional sofas, for your space. 

At Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, our team is here to help you make informed interior design decisions. In this blog, we talk about the differences between traditional sofas and sectional sofas and the benefits that make leather sectional sofas one of the more versatile sofas on the market. 

Bradington-Young-Recliners-Blog-A Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

Bradington Young Furniture is known for their high-quality American made leather furniture.  This hand-built leather furniture has been built in the foothills of North Carolina for decades.  They started out strictly building recliners then branched out into stationary seating. They are looked upon as the industry leader in luxury reclining pieces like sofas, sectionals, and recliners.

Bradington Young leather recliners are rated the best in the business for a smooth, easy recline. They use only the finest top-rated mechanisms built in the U.S.A. by Ultra Mek.

OMNIA-CLASSIC-BLOG-A Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

Tired of waiting months and months on high quality American made leather furniture?  We get it! Delays are abundant due to the foam shortage, Covid-19 and supply chain issues etc….  Wellington’s Leather Furniture can have you enjoying a new leather sofa in half the time.

Finish Coming Off Leather Blog

There can be many reasons the color is fading or the finish is lifting on your leather furniture.  Let us discuss a few! Even though leather furniture is the strongest and best material for upholstering sofas and chairs it can still be harmed when not taken care of properly.

Sunlight can cause leather to lighten and fade.  This can be caused from direct or indirect sunlight.  I have seen a leather sectional that faded over time from a skylight.  Only the portion of the sectional where the light hit the seat cushion and back faded.  It was in a second home in the mountains of North Carolina.  You can only imagine the look on the owners faces when they came into the cabin after six months away and saw this kind of fading when no one was even there.

Is Leather Furniture a good Investment?

Leather Furniture is a great investment.  Leather sofas are durable and consistently last longer than your average fabric sofa.  Leather is very cleanable, just dust when you dust your other furniture. If a spill happens most leather sofas can be cleaned using just mild soap and water.

Folks that buy leather love leather.  Over the years there are many myths about leather being hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  Not true!  Leather stays at room temperature.  Because it has pores and is a sustainable natural product, it will adjust to its environment and stay comfortable under any circumstances.

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.