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American Heirloom Collection Leather Swatches

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Choose from any of these top grain cowhide leathers to cover your new leather furniture. The pricing listed with each product is for a grade 1 leather. Each grade above grade 1 is available at an upcharge. Please phone us at 843-557-1000 with questions, to receive leather swatches or for upgraded leather price quotes.

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Grade 1 Leathers

Bar Harbor Bloom

Bar Harbor Dunes

Bar Harbor Grey Stone

Bar Harbor Milano

Bar Harbor Moon

Bar Harbor Storm

Burdock Merlot

Burdock Umber

Everest Snowflake

Fleming Cherry

Fleming Sand

Fleming Seastone

Montana Angus

Montana Elk

Montana Grizzly

Montana Stone

Portsmouth French Vanilla

Portsmouth Palm Coast

Portsmouth Tobacco

Sasquatch Bark

  • Bar Harbor - This semi-aniline top grain leather has a subtle two-tone coloration. It features a consistent grain with a very soft hand. Great choice for the family room.
  • Burdock - Corrected top grain leather with a subtle two-tone effect and light glossy finish. Features rich colorations & great workability. Processed using environmentally friendly tanning formulas. 
  • Everest - This is a sophisticated top grain that has been corrected for uniformity. Leather that is easily cleaned because of the low sheen top coat applied after the aniline dye process.
  • Fleming - Corrected top grain leather in solid monotone colorations. Wonderfully soft, silky touch and drapeability make it an excellent choice. Minimal color variations. 
  • Montana - Embossed with a fine print for a beautiful uniform grain. Minimal color variations and a super soft durable leather. A perfect choice for high traffic areas.
  • Portsmouth - Top full grain leather with a darker tipped effect. Color variations throughout created by rubbing. Durable under most any use.
  • Sasquatch - A lightly corrected leather with a petite pebble grain and light reflecting sheen. Features a protective top-coat which assures easy care while resisting spills and stains.

Grade 2 Leathers

Alonza Beaver

Anson Flint

Anson Taupe

Arizona Antique Blue

Arizona Berry

Carolina City Shadow

Carolina Milan

Carolina Nutty

Charleston Black

Charleston Brown

Charleston Grey

Chesterfield Denim

Florence Aussie

Florence Branch

Florence Ocean

Rio Grande Camel

Rio Grande Cobblestone

Rio Grande Coffee

Rio Grande Forest

Rio Grande Linen

Rio Grande Rouge

Rio Grande Smoke

Sterling Truffle

Texan Bourbon

Tiger Lilly

Weston Granite

Weston Java

Weston Scotch

  • Alonza - PERFORMANCE LEATHER. A corrected top grain leather featuring a natural look with a subtle sheen that offers a rustic, vintage appeal. 
  • Anson - A corrected top grain thick-cut leather with a medium sheen and minimal color variation. These hides are colored & then embossed with a medium pebble grain.
  • Arizona - This is a drum dyed leather that offers a nice hand and color depth. Arizona has a smooth surface with a patina finish.
  • Carolina - Corrected thick-cut leather with a subtle two-tone effect to give dimension. The top coat offers protection while still offering a silky soft touch.
  • Charleston - Corrected top grain leather in solid, monotone colorations and matte finish. Smooth surface & protective finish make it a good choice for high traffic areas. 
  • Chesterfield - Embossed with a tight, smooth grain with a worn, more casual look. The finish is matte with a medium amount of protection. 
  • Florence - Corrected top grain leather, finished with semi-aniline dyes with subtle two-toning. A hand-wiped look in a rich color palette with high wear results. Minimal color variations.
  • Rio Grande - A hand wiped drum dyed premium leather. An excellent soft hand with a slight sheen and offers strong wear factors. 
  • Salem - South American hides with a random two-tone coloration for a rich color palette. Creamy soft and smooth feel with a medium sheen top coat with protection against spills and scratches.
  • Sterling - Corrected top grain heavy-weight leather with natural look. Features wax crackle effect with subtle sheen for rustic, vintage appeal. Suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Tango - South American hides that will still have all natures natural markings. Featuring dimension and character in the leather and a light protective top coat. 
  • Texan - Three complementary colors are applied to the surface for a rich coloration with a slight sheen. Texan has a soft, plump feel and will upholster beautifully. Minimal color variations.  
  • Tiger - Top grain, lightly sanded and corrected leather. Hand rubbed with a soft contrasting top color. Color variations due to hand craftsmanship.
  • Weston - A leather with personality. This leather is uniquely rustic and will show all natural scars and characteristics. Perfect for the leather enthusiast!

Grade 3 Leathers

Cowboy Chaps

English Butternut

English Electric Sky

English Isles

English Pine

Heirloom Brownstone

Heirloom Camel

Heirloom French Roast

Legends Sable

London Cafe Breve

London Ravishing

London Warm Wine

Napa Valley Cork

Parma Chesney

Parma Pecan

Portifino Red

Rugged Boots

Salem Hazelnut

Salem Rock Bottom

Stetson Champagne

Stetson Gun Metal

Stetson Ink

Stetson Whiskey

Topsail Froth

Topsail Soot

  • Cowboy - A full top grain leather that features a pull up or crackling surface. Extreme distressed look that pulls lighter when stretched. A true worn and weathered look.
  • English - Corrected grain Brazilian hides designed for high traffic areas with the soft, silky feel of an unprotected leather. Expect minimal color variations.
  • Heirloom - Aniline dyed top grain cowhide with a good protective coating. These hides are smooth and silky with a two-tone effect for a more natural color.
  • Legends - A pigmented leather with tone on tone dyes then hand rubbed for greater color depth. Color variations likely.
  • London - Thicker cut hides from New Zealand with a hearty and rustic look. London's high-sheen and distressed appearance has a pull-up effect that will age with use.
  • Napa Valley - A full grain with a pull up effect that creates a beautiful aged look. Natures markings will be evident and are considered part of the natural beauty of genuine leather.
  • Parma - Full top grain leather with a silky, smooth look of an opulent calf skin with a clean, timeless look. Natural characteristics are to be expected.
  • Portifino - Aniline dyed, full grain leather that is hand rubbed with a contrasting top coat that offers a two tone effect. Each hide is unique and variations should be expected.
  • Rugged - A naturally rugged, heavy wax leather that features a rustic look. Will develop a rich patina and become softer with use. Color variation and scars are to be expected.
  • Stetson - Finished in Italy, this leather has a waxy crackled effect designed to resist scratching and spills. Features a silky feel & gentle matte finish. Perfect for active families with pets.
  • Topsail - Full top grain leather with a silky, smooth look of an opulent calf skin with a clean, timeless look. Natural characteristics are to be expected.

Grade 4 Leathers

Armada Crimson

Armada Indigo

Armada Molasses

Armada Raven

Blowing Rock French Blue

Henley Cement

Kentucky Blonde

Luggage Burnish

Tango Mink

Tango Sable

Tingus Red Berry

Tingus True White

Trilby Bronzed

Weathered Brown

Weathered Toad

  • Armada - Armada offers exquisite drapeability, a smooth surface, great color depth and a luxurious waxy feel. Slight dye lot variations.
  • Blowing Rock - Sourced out of Thailand, a full top grain leather with wax and oils added. A natural grainy texture is achieved by using a heavier weight hide. Tumbled for softness.  
  • Henley - This is a unique, multi-layered finishing process. All-natural hides are sprayed three times with a metallic top-coat. The hand is almost like a suede feel. 
  • Kentucky - Pure and natural aniline leather that will show many scars and range markings while maintaining a sophisticated appeal. The hides are soft & buttery.
  • Luggage - A wax pull up leather from South America. Finished with a clear top-coat that is added for sheen. Designed to look well-worn quickly for a designer heirloom appeal.
  • Tingus - Fully protected, very soft and supple leather. This pattern has a matte finish and is great for high traffic areas.
  • Trilby - An old-world look made by artisans. Once the furniture is built it is then hand wiped removing color creating a one of a kind piece. Items ordered together will not have the exact same look.
  • Verona - Corrected top grain leather with a dramatic two-tone wiped off look with a soft feel. A low sheen top coat adds protection against stains and spills. Color variations depend on the artisan.
  • Weathered - Steer hides from Argentina are milled for hours to break down the grain, then hand sanded and rubbed with aniline dyes. A sophisticated look that will age gracefully.

Grade 5 Leathers

Bahama Fields

Bahama Pacific

Bel Air Black

Bel Air Juniper

Bel Air Taupe

Buckshot Teak

Crocodile Bouillon

Deco Dark Grey

Deco Light Grey

Durango Ginger

Harness Almond

Harness Chocolate

Pasadena Clementine

Pasadena Deep Sea

Pasadena Iced Coffee

Pasadena Ironbark

Pasadena Lovestruck

Pasadena Neptune

Pasadena Night Fall

Pasadena Shamrock

Sybil Honeyed

Tulum Luxury Blue

Tuscany Cognac

Versachy Blaze

Versachy Dry Sage

Versachy Walnut

  • Bahama - A soft, silky hand and tanned in Northern Italy. Layers of wax applications highlight the shade differences when pulled. Color variations to be expected.
  • Bel Air - A full grain, pure aniline from New Zealand's North Island. These hides are dressed using wax and oil, then milled and polished. Expect color variation throughout.
  • Buckshot - English bull hides with oils and wax added to create the unique feel and pull up. Embossed to give the look of a piece of wormy chestnut wood with a polished finish.
  • Crocodile - Top grain hides are embossed with a directional croc print. Various color combinations to work with todays leather palette. Protected finish that works in any setting.
  • Deco - Full top grain that is hand-antiqued with a combination of oils and waxes. Silky luxurious feel. Color variations to be expected.
  • Durango - A distressed full top grain that has a slight flannel feel & more casual look. The lighter highlights will display when pulled. Expect extreme color variations.
  • Harness - A heavy weight leather. Clear wax reveals all the natural characteristics and accentuates the rich natural tone of each individual hide. Truly gets more beautiful with use.
  • Pasadena - Pure aniline with a super soft hand. The pores have been left open to keep this leather as natural as possible.
  • Sybil - Full top grain leather with a heavy substrate for a sophisticated, pebble grain. Features a rich, rustic look with a legendary patina. Expect variations.
  • Tulum - Full top grain hides. Little grain and gentle sauvage effect. Expect some color variation and a low sheen top coat.
  • Tuscany - A top grain pure aniline leather. Tuscany is distressed using unique waxes and has a smooth grain surface that will change with use.
  • Versachy - A top grain aniline leather with a black savage treatment hand wiped on the surface. The hand antiquing adds color depth and a finished luster.

Grade 6 Leathers

Crocodiles Aqua Pink

Crocodiles Vintage Brown

Lizzie Burnished Brown

Rattler Deep Blue

Tooled Russet

Tooled Saloon

Hair On Hide Black And White

Hair On Hide Brindle

Hair On Hide Brown And White

Hair On Hide Tan And White

Hair On Hide Zebra

  • Crocodiles - Embossed with the crocodile pattern and then hand wiped with several different dyes to create this unique and interesting leather pattern. 
  • Lizzie - Semi aniline leathers that are embossed with a light lizard pattern. These hides will have a patina shine and are mostly used as an accent, yet they are subtle enough to use overall.
  • Rattler - Top grain cowhide that is embossed with a non-directional, free flowing pattern. Aniline dyes are topped with pigments for a rich two-tone effect and greater depth. 
  • Tooled - Top grain cowhide that is embossed with a non-directional, free flowing pattern. Aniline dyes are topped with pigments for a rich two-tone effect and greater depth.
  • Hair On Hide - Cowhide with the natural hair and coloration left intact. Each hide is unique with minimal control of the final coloration.