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American Heritage Leather Furniture Collection Leather Swatches

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Choose from any of these top grain cowhide leathers to cover your new leather furniture.

The pricing listed with each product is for a grade 1 leather. Each grade above grade 1 is available at an upcharge.

Please phone us at 843-557-1000 with questions, to receive leather swatches or for upgraded leather price quotes.

Understanding The Leather Grades - Read More

Grade 1 Leathers

Abiline Battle Ship Grey

Abiline Charcoal

Abiline Fatigue

Abiline Indigo

Abiline Navajo

Abiline Teakwood

Abiline Tusk

Ballard Frost

Ballard Inkwell

Ballard Misty Grey

Ballard Sandstone

Beckley Essence

Beckley Penthouse

Beckley Special Brown

Beckley Timber Trail

Beckley Tradewind

Biltmore Raven

Biltmore Ruby

Bosworth Bali

Bosworth Silver

Bosworth Smoky

Clarksburg Clouded

Clarksburg Colony Buff

Clarksburg England Brown

Clarksburg Froth

Clarksburg Harvest

Darius Blueberry

Darius Ebony

Durango Seal

Durango Smoke

Grande Bordeaux

Grande Godiva

Grande Hunter

Grande Oatmeal

Grande Pepper

Grande Windsor Blue

Gunnison Alaskan Brown

Gunnison Eclipse

Gunnison Habanero

Gunnison Nighthawk

Gunnison Pine Grove

Gunnison Woodfire

Layton Beach Glass

Layton Cigar

Layton Dunes

Layton Evening Gray

Layton Night Owl

Layton Silk

Layton Simply White

Layton Trusty Brown

Long Horn Canyon

Nampa Black Jack

Nampa Clay

Nampa Marbles

Nampa Nutella

Nampa Shroom

Stowe Burnt Burgundy

Stowe Earthly

Stowe Grey Weather

Stowe Hudson Bay

Stowe Market

Stowe Rummy

Trending Ash

Trending Bridle

Westbury Bell Bottoms

Westbury Reflection

Westbury Sugar Cookie

Whimzee Classic Grey

Whimzee Natural Grey

Whimzee Ocean Breeze

Whimzee Strom

Woodburn Brew

Zuni French Gray

Zuni Stormy

Zuni Straw

Zuni Teddy Bear

Zuni Yale

  • Abiline - Features a matte finish with a slightly embossed grain but still maintains a soft feel. You may see slight shade differences.
  • Ballard - A clean and crisp, glove soft, finished leather that is great for any lifestyle. You will find a consistent color and grain pattern.
  • Beckley - A natural top grain leather that features a super soft hand and subtle two-toned effect. Durable enough for energetic households but supple enough to impress leather enthusiast.
  • Biltmore - A well priced leather consisting of a natural top grain that is super soft and durable enough for energetic families.
  • Bosworth - A super, silky soft, finished leather with a fashion-forward color palette making it perfect for any application.
  • Clarksburg - A well protected leather that features a beautifully balanced two-toned effect. Offers a smooth and spongy hand that make this finish leather sought after.
  • Darius - Darius has a smooth, supple and tight grain texture. A light clear coat to the surface enhances the endurance of this lightly protected leather. Shade variation is possible.
  • Durango - The feel of brushed cotton, this leather has a smooth tight grain. Very slight shade variation is noticeable and features a well protected finish.
  • Grande - These hides are finished with the highest level of protection. Super soft and a slight two-toned effect. A good choice for energetic families that want the best of all scenario.
  • Gunnison - A gorgeous semi aniline leather with a pronounced two-toned effect and slight sheen. The highs and lows accentuate the grain pattern.
  • Layton - A beautiful semi aniline leather with a slight two-toned effect and a soft, talc-like hand. Versatile and will complement any frame style with its ability to drape well.
  • Long Horn - A fine print is applied to create a beautiful uniform grain. Each hide will have a distinctive look and character. Offers a protected finish and easy clean ability.
  • Nampa - A finished leather with a light cloudy effect created by a subtle two-toned effect. Soft and perfect for any application as it has a protective finish coating for protection.
  • Stowe - A soft aniline leather with a two-toned effect sprayed over the base coat for a natural & antiqued look. Features a soft hand and deep saturation of color.
  • Thistle - A finished leather with a very soft hand along with a smooth tight grain. Versatile and well protected for everyday use.
  • Trending - A fully protected leather with a hand-wiped look. The perfect choice for balancing a vintage look with high wear results. Features a patina finish, priced well & well protected.
  • Westbury - Beautiful, natural grain with a soft sheen. Offers a buttery hand with a natural pebble grain that is mostly consistent throughout the hide.
  • Woodburn - One-of-a-kind leather with Hallmarks of nature. No two hides will ever be the same due to the unique character of each hide.

Grade 2 Leathers

Aviator Camel

Aviator Charcoal

Aviator Coconuts

Aviator Desert Castle

Aviator Neutral

Aviator Tortoise

Basin Dakota

Basin Moss

Jasper Acorn

Mungo Chocolate Cocoa

Mungo Pacifica

Norton Champagne

Norton Deer Valley

Norton Groovy Blue

Norton Hawk

Norton Stardust

Stonewood Greystone

Stonewood Scarlett

Vermillion Antique Walnut

Vermillion Honey

  • Aviator - A matte finish with a waxy crackled effect to the surface. This is a great leather for a busy household.
  • Basin - Thicker-weight nubuck leather with unique grain structure & velvety, soft touch. Perfect for casual lifestyles with special care and attention required.
  • Jasper - A rugged aniline leather that will have all the scars and range marks apparent through each hide. Each hide is extremely unique and will vary.
  • Livingston - A classic leather with a patina and unique hand-wiped process alluring a two-tone effect. This leather is well protected for everyday use.
  • Mungo - A beautiful, aniline leather with a slight pull-up to accentuate the grain structure and hallmarks of nature.
  • Proper - Features a striking pull-up effect that shows a rugged elegance with a soft, luxurious hand. Will showcase any and all natural markings. Shade variations to be expected.
  • Putney - A beefy, semi aniline leather with a smooth, soft hand. Features a subtle two-tone and micro pebble grain. 
  • Stonewood - A beautiful aniline plus leather with a multi-layered two-toned effect. Natural pebble grain and a soft buttery feel. Color will vary throughout each hide.
  • Vermillion - A beautiful, yet rugged aniline leather that speaks to a casual, comfortable lifestyle. Soft & supple, highlights all of the beautiful, unique hallmarks of the trail.
  • Wyoming - Grain and color will not be uniform. This has a velvety-soft hand and a distressed look. A pure aniline with both light and dark hues.

Grade 3 Leathers

Athens Rowdy Brown

Garner Chocolate Sundae

Garner Hopsack

Harlow Cork

Lincoln Chocolate Lab

Lincoln Pacific Pine

Lincoln Saddle Soap

Putney Keystone

Putney Sandbank

Studio Roasty

Swanton Hunt Club

Wyoming Admiral Blue

Wyoming Duster

  • Athens - Hand-wiped hides with a beautiful, unique look. Natural markings will highlight the inherent beauty of the animal. No two hides will match and expect color variation.
  • Garner - These are buffalo hides with a thick stiffer hand. These hides have a rich, rustic elegance with an aged aesthetic that immediately draws you in. Expect color variation.
  • Latta - A gorgeous pull up, aniline leather that offers a burst of color when pulled. The inherent beauty is accentuated with Hallmarks of nature and are to be appreciated.
  • Lincoln - A beautifully soft aniline leather with rich color hues that accentuate the oil infusion of the leather. Consistency of coloration will vary and should be expected.
  • Putney - A beefy, semi aniline leather with a smooth, soft hand. Features a subtle two-tone and micro pebble grain.
  • Swanton - Striking pull-up effect exudes a rugged elegance with a soft, luxurious hand. Will showcase all natural markings with shade variations.
  • Wyoming - Grain and color will not be uniform. This has a velvety-soft hand and a distressed look. A pure aniline with both light and dark hues.

Grade 4 Leathers

Cates Conington

Chrisley Breezy

Chrisley Sketch

Coach Gray Mountain

Coach Onyx

Coach Pacific

Coach Walnut

Discover Wheat

Gram Chocolate Factory

  • Cates - A full-grain leather that is hand stained to create a tone-on-tone effect. Expect unique colorations from the hand-staining process. Perfect for the leather enthusiast.
  • Coach - A pure aniline natural leather with a clear, wax finish. This will develop a beautiful patina over time. Expect color variations and natural markings.
  • Hartley - A nubuck leather that offers a soft, velvety hand. Expect a lavish tracking effect as you sit and when relaxing. Both the color and grain will not be uniform.

Grade 5 Leathers

City Denim

City Glam

City Rustic

Cobra Unique

Croc Light Wash

Croco Everglade

Croco Gator

Dazzling Mermaid

Hair On Hide Natural

Hair On Hide Neutral

Hair On Hide Vintage

Lucia Sterling Silver

Lucia Tropical Blue

Reptilian Waters

  • City - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.
  • Cobra - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.
  • Croc - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.
  • Croco - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.
  • Dazzling - Think of champagne bubbles. A novelty leather. Features gold & silver sparkles. Can only be used on outside areas.
  • Hair On Hide - Cowhide with the natural hair and coloration left intact. Each hide is unique
  • Lucia - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.
  • Reptilian - Embossed with the featured distinct pattern.