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Budget Decor Imported Collection Leather Swatches

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Choose from any of these top grain cowhide leathers to cover your new leather furniture.

 The pricing listed with each product is for a grade 1 leather. Each grade above grade 1 is available at an upcharge.

 Please phone us at 843-557-1000 with questions, to receive leather swatches or for upgraded leather price quotes.

Understanding The Leather Grades - Read More

Grade 1 Leathers

Wilkes Blue Sea

Wilkes Cherry Blossom

Wilkes Classic Linen

Wilkes Coffee Bean

Wilkes Cookie

Wilkes Dark Burgundy

Wilkes Elegant White

Wilkes Greyhound

Wilkes Pewter

Wilkes Raven

Wilkes Seagrass

Wilkes Sugar Cane

  • Ace - Ace hides are supple to the touch and consistent in color. Durable for an active family and available in a wide color palette.
  • Wilkes - Wilkes hides will display grain. The color is consistent, and you clean with only a damp cloth.

Grade 2 Leathers

Ace Camel

Ace Cream

Ace Dakota

Ace Eternity

Ace Fudgepop

Ace Off White

Ace Stone Creek

Ace Stonerock

Bainbridge Cognac

Bainbridge Deep Rose

Bainbridge Nite

Bainbridge Slate

Bainbridge Straw

Bainbridge Tusk

Bainbridge Walnut

Monaco Basil

Monaco Carob

Monaco Cherry

Monaco Cloudy Skies

Monaco Creamy

Monaco Milk Chocolate

Monaco Night

Monaco Thunderstorm

Monaco Whale

  • Bainbridge - Is distinctive with its gentle two tone & subtle sheen. A family friendly leather & available in leather/vinyl for a lower price point.
  • Harbor - Harbor is a full grain leather with a smoother surface. Well protected and more consistent in color tones.
  • Monaco - Soft, supple & well protected against spills & scratches with little to no shade variation. Works well for high use areas.
  • Urban - Urban offers perfect protected leathers inspired by the hottest trends.

Grade 3 Leathers

Harbor Buckhorn

Harbor Coconut

Harbor Country Cream

Harbor Komono

Harbor Pacific

Harbor Quicksand

Harbor Winds Breath

Revelation Battleship

Revelation Cobblestone

Revelation Jack

Revelation Mist

Revelation Nutmeg

Revelation Red Velvet

Revelation Tigers Eye

Sherwin Cadbury

Sherwin Casual Khaki

Sherwin Ghostly

Sherwin Lava Rock

Sherwin Mushroom

Sherwin Reindeer

Sherwin Sand Storm

Sherwin Toasted

Stetson Browned

Stetson Brownie

Stetson Champagne

Stetson Charcoal

Stetson Shark

  • Chesterfield - Uniform in color and embossed to create a pebble grain. It features the essence of a heavy weight leather.   
  • Elm - Elm is a full grain aniline leather. Water or spills could leave their mark. Dust only with a colorfast cloth.
  • Revelation - Has a patina and a two tone effect. Each hide has its own unique personality. Good for high traffic.
  • Sherwin - Has a pronounced grain and a consistent color tone. A durable option for high use. Cleanable with mild soap and water.
  • Stetson - Leather Description Coming Soon
  • Tango - Uniform in color and embossed to create a slight pebble grain. Tango has the distinctive look of class. Perfect for everyday use. 

Grade 4 Leathers

Westfield Blue Jeans

Westfield Churro

Westfield Elephant

Westfield Hershey

Westfield Mustard

Westfield Orange Blossom

  • Westfield - A tipped leather that enhances the top of the grain pattern. Well protected and good for high traffic use. The surface will display a slight patina.

Grade 5 Leathers

Napa Black Bear

Napa Camel

Napa Duplin

Napa Hemlock

Napa Java

Napa Rockies

Napa Saddle

  • Napa - Offers complete protection that has an incredible hand and a subtle two tone finish.