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Budget Decor Construction Details

How is the frame of your upholstered furnishings constructed?

While frame construction varies from model to model, we are committed to producing high-quality, durable furnishing and employ stringent testing requirements for all our frame designs. We use an engineered frame, which is a combination of solid woods and oriented strand board (OSB)—a material that resists warping and has been proven to be stronger than plywood. All critical structural joints have an interlocking design, ensuring that the assembly is always 100 percent square and the joints are tight. Each joint is fastened and glued for extra strength and durability. All spring rails are constructed from hardwood, while non-load bearing rails are constructed from softwood. Our frames are engineered for a lifetime of durability and cycle tested according to the General Services Administration FNAE 80-214 Upholstered Furniture test method.

Which is better: springs or webbing?

We use both spring and webbing suspension systems—which have been extensively cycle tested and proven to perform nearly identically. Therefore, it’s typically the design of the piece that dictates its suspension system. We use webbing suspension in our contemporary looks because it creates less crown than spring suspension. Springs are featured in our more traditional styles and when we want to achieve the appearance of a crown on the seat and back.

What is high density, high resiliency foam?

“High density foam” refers to the size of the cells in the polyurethane foam we use. This material features smaller cells which makes it denser—providing more support and preventing the feeling of “bottoming out” when you sit. Our high resiliency foam will spring back to its original shape more quickly, hold its shape and last considerably longer over time than conventional foam.

What does a standard power motion recliner include?

Power motion furnishings ship with a transformer that plugs into the wall. Budget Decor also offers an optional battery pack to power our motion pieces. This removes unsightly cords should your furniture need to float in a room. The transformer that ships with the sofa is used to recharge the battery option. A full battery charge will typically last 300 cycles, with a full cycle including open and close. This will vary depending on the user.

Budget Decor Construction Details

• Mixed Wood Frames That Allow for the Ideal Balance of Rigidity and Flexibility Providing Ultimate Support and Durability
• Top Grain Cowhide Leather or Vinyl Options (Where Applicable)
• Seating Suspension Systems are Designed to Distribute Weight Evenly
• Manufacturer’s Warranty
 • Import Collection