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5 Reasons You Should Choose the Luxury of Leather over Fabric

Leather furniture is synonymous with elegance. In the past, leather furniture was owned only by the wealthy. Nowadays, it is no longer a sign of opulence. These items have become affordable for anyone. Yet, they still maintain their innate elegance.

Still, the luxury of leather is a better choice over fabric furniture. Here are five reasons why:

1. Leather Is Timeless and Versatile

Why do we love this materialLeather furniture never goes out of style. It can easily be accommodated. Although leather is rather classy, it can go along in any setting. No matter where you put it, leather furniture personalizes the room.

Regarding design, there is a broad range of products. You can opt for a straight classic piece or go along with more modern patterns or embossed prints.

Regarding color, leather has evolved a lot. You can find a variety of hues and colors, from classic black to scarlet red.

2. The Luxury of Leather Outweighs Fabric Upholstery

Everyone who bought leather furniture knows it. This material is naturally elegant. The same result is hard to achieve with fabric items. 

Leather furniture looks by far more stylish than synthetic materials. This high-end option is usually associated with exclusivity. Leather is "the" choice for those who want to redecorate an elegant office or living room.

luxury of leather

3. It Is Easier to Maintain Than Fabric Furniture

Talking about advantages, let’s not forget maintenance. You can use leather conditioner to extend its durability. That will protect the surfaces and concealing the scratches with maintenance products is easy.

Plus, natural fiber stands up to multiple restoration works. In time, leather becomes even more supple. That is not the case of fabric furniture. The last looks shabbier year by year.

How about cleaning? You just wipe it down. It allows you to remove dust and spills in no time. Whereas fabric items need professional cleaning services to look good again.

4. Leather Feels Soft and Comfortable

Comfort accompanies the luxury of leather furniture. Natural fiber is adaptable. It "breathes" and stretches. This material gradually adapts to the shape of the body, thus becoming more comfortable.

You won’t feel the frame or beams beneath. Fabric pieces often give you those unpleasant feeling after prolonged usage.

Genuine leather quickly assumes the body’s temperature. Don’t worry about the myth of cold leather. Sometimes people blame its coolness. But in a few seconds, leather adjusts the temperature. It easily becomes quite pleasant to sit on.

5. Leather Lasts Longer Than Fabric Items

Leather stands the test of time. It has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Whereas typical fabric items only last around four to five years.

Genuine leather lasts more than any fabric furniture. It resists tears and scratches.

It is also easy to dye. The colors are quickly absorbed and don’t rub off easily. You can’t do the same with fabric furniture.

There are numerous other advantages to discuss when it comes to the luxury of leather. We hope this post gave you a better understanding of leather’s exquisite features.

If you have any other questions or doubts, contact us. We’d be happy to share our knowledge in this field.

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