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Carolina Custom Leather Furniture

Carolina Custom FurnitureThroughout the Carolinas you will find lots of handmade and custom furniture manufactures. The foothills of North Carolina are jam-packed with furniture factories and manufacturing facilities. Furniture is one of the Carolinas leading job producers. Most all of these companies have been in business for decades. These are well established companies that produce furniture products that are shipped all around the world. Handmade furniture is a rarity in today’s marketplace so the products that are produced right here in North Carolina are in high demand worldwide.

Furniture From North Carolina

These furniture manufactures not only employ thousands of fine Carolinians but they also keep truckers on the roads, lumber companies, foam suppliers and many more folks working as well. Many North Carolina furniture manufactures try to keep as much of the products they use to build their fine furniture as local as possible. Many of the woods used for constructing the solid wood frames actually come from the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains. As the timber is removed for furniture production new trees are planted in their place to keep the forest green and tall.

Many foam suppliers are also based within a short drive of the factories.

Leather Furniture That Is Handcrafted

Leather furniture builders just as with the companies that build case goods also relay on suppliers being located close to the factories for the articles like leather or upholstery fabrics and wood for frame building. Furniture building will certainly become a lost art if more people don’t start respecting and buying American made furniture in the USA. Much of the furniture that is built in the Carolinas actually ships out of the country. Places like China prefer our furniture products to their own. North Carolina is respected around the world for solid built craftsmanship that is made to last. All the furniture that is made in China and other points in Asia have statistics to prove that those people on the other side of the world prefer to pay more for solid well-made furniture items from upholstery to case goods rather than buying furniture that is made within their country. Although we do import far more furniture than we ship out of the United States. If the differences relative to imports verses exports don’t begin to change, we as a county could lose the art of furniture building at the manufacture level.

Well Built American Made Furniture

Carolina CustomCompanies like Wellington’s Leather Furniture promote American made leather furniture from many of Americas top furniture brands. Companies like McKinley leather that refuses to use any foreign parts in their manufacturing other than premium leathers that are collected from around the world. Leather is in short supply these days and some of the finest leathers can be found in the pastures of Europe high in the fields actually herded by shepherds. These are premium skins that bring top dollar for their perfection. Also, not giving into the lower price and lower quality trend is Leathercraft which is still crafted with pride and still using only top notch sustainable local products are used for their manufacturing.

A few more names worth the mention are Classic Leather and McNeilly Furniture. Both of these companies are family owned and managed. You will find they offer only outstanding products that are built by hand, that are built to last. Each employ countless fine folks that take tremendous pride in their craft. American made - American proud. The Carolinas are where you can find the best in Carolina Custom Furniture & Wellington’s is where you can find the best price. Don’t settle for less when you can buy the best.


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