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Decorating with Black and White: How to Make It Work

Decorating with Black and White Leather Furniture

Black and white décor is something that always comes back into fashion. 
Interior designers are loving it right now and are able to create some irresistible spaces with this color combination. 
What can you do to incorporate this timeless trend?

Who Should Decorate in Black and White?

Anyone can decorate with a black and white palate. It may seem intimidating at first but with the right balance, black and white is an ideal combination for any style – from shabby chic to contemporary. 

Why You Should Incorporate Black and White Pieces

Black and white are neutrals, so they’ll go with just about any color. 

Adding some black and white in the right proportion can make your space feel more luxurious and romantic, or contemporary and stylish. 

A black and white color combination is ideal if you want to make a bold statement but still want your space to feel approachable, inviting. 

Black and White Motif: How to Decorate Your Living Space 

Here are just a few tips to help you successfully create a beautiful black and white space in your home. 

1. Add Some Metallics 

If you choose to go all black and white, you’ll need some interesting accents to break up the monotony. Gold, bronze, and silver metallics can add some elegance to the room.  

What if your theme isn’t black and white? You can add some black and white touches with hardware, like black iron accent pieces. Black candles look luxe against a white wall, as do black hinges and handles on white cabinets.  

2. Choose Black or White Leather Furniture

If you want black and white to be a major theme in your space, add a black leather sofa with white and silver accents, like a throw, pillows, and a textured rug. Or, choose a white leather couch as your neutral and add some drama or whimsey with bright, colorful accessories.

3. Opt for a Variety of Black or White Shades

You don’t need to stick with midnight black and stark white. Shake things up a bit by adding a mix of black and white colors together, like various shades of gray or off-white.

4. Change Your Accents with the Season

No matter how much you love your décor, looking at it day after day can get dull. 
Every season, look at the trends and see what appeals to you. During winter, you might want to add in some cozy elements with pillows and textured throws. During summer, you can incorporate bright summer colors which will look great against a black or white leather sofa. 

5. Choose Your Balance Preference 

Remember your room doesn’t need to be 50% black, 50% white. A 50/50 balance can work in some rooms but not all. Take into consideration the size of the room, as well as the lighting (both natural and artificial).

A small room that’s mostly black will feel cramped, uninviting, and even depressing. On the other hand, a small room that’s mostly white will appear bigger and more inviting. 

Create an Elegant, Classy Room with High-Quality Leather Furniture 

A great way to make sure your use of black and white looks on-point is to choose high-quality leather furniture and accessories. 

While it’s always nice to save some money, inexpensive pieces can cost you more money in the long run. They’ll wear out faster, which means in addition to looking shabby (and not in a good way) you’ll have to spend money replacing them sooner than expected. 

Instead, invest in high-quality pieces right from the start.  Doing so will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration – and make your space look phenomenal!


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