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Decorating With Pastels

Pastel ColorsYou have heard the expression Pretty in Pink? Well, leather hides come not only in pink but most any pastel colors; this also applies to most every kind of fabric. Furniture can be really fun and stylish with the right shade! Pinks, yellows, greens and blues can seriously brighten up any room. But decorating with these potentially sweet shades can be a tricky task. The effort is well worth it, though, for pastels cheerful effects.

Pastels get a bad rap for being too girly, and often being kind of 80s. These are fresh fashionable colors. It’s like that little black dress; it never goes out of style. It’s the same with pastels. Some may be more popular year to year but they are always a fresh welcoming look. They can lift the mood of your room in an instant.

Pastel Colors From The Beach To The Mountains

If you live at the coast you know the impact the pastel palate brings to your home furnishings. Use these colors a little or a lot. Perhaps in the mountains the pastel colors would be more suited for a bedroom. Consider the natural light that impacts your room where you will be using any of these pastel colors. East facing windows bring a cool, blue light during the day, while west facing windows bring in a redder light in the afternoon and at sunset. South facing windows tend to offer a yellower light. A good rule of thumb is to avoid the pastels that correspond to the direction of the light. So no pinks in a western facing room or they could tend to look like cotton candy. The same goes for yellows.  Avoid using them in a south facing room and blue in an east facing room.

Tips For Adding Pastel Colors Into Your Décor

Is the color mint or robin’s egg? This is a good question. The names used on paint swatches can tell you a lot, about a color. Pale vs baby in front of the name is a safer bet. Because if the swatch says baby blue than you can expect the blue to be just a hint of that shade. Instead look for a swatch that reads pale blue, this usually implies more of the color you are shopping for. Remember the smaller the swatch the darker the color. This applies not only to paint but leather or fabrics swatches too. A little color goes a long way. Using one dominate pastel per room is a good rule of thumb. Using to many different pastel colors could make your room to begin to feel like an Easter basket. Limit the amount of pastel choices for your furniture. If you choose one for your sofa then use a bolder color for the other pieces. The same goes for chairs, use the pastel on your chairs and the primary on your sofa. Pale yellows and blues are considered a neutral color and work well with traditional furnishings and also in a more modern home. These colors add a transitional spin that does not date your space. Once you decide on the color of your largest piece introduce things into your room that have different shades of that color. I like to call it layering. This is done through using art work, lamp shades rugs and throws. Just remember to keep your room grounded with earthier colors like greys and lighter taupe’s. Natural woods and organic materials like silks and wools work well.

Popular Pastels

Pastel Colors Do Play Well Together

This could be because they appear together in nature. The oceans blues and the sunset’s pinks along with sunny yellows complement each other and create a feeling of calm. Pastels are lively but soft and a excellent choice for bedrooms offering a relaxing mood and are easy to sleep by. Pastels are great for calming the mind and soothing the senses. Patterns like prints and strips can blend together in harmony and add lots of interior interest creating a look that is both soft and sophisticated. Pastels can also bring a feeling of romance and old fashioned looks to your home. You will find pastel colors used in some of the most traditional homes and in the most modern of homes. They are an important part of the color wheel and popular from coast to coast and all points in between. Don’t be fooled!  You do not have to live at the coast to enjoy the benefits of these wonderful colors. I would not expect to see a ranch in Montana decked out in pastel colors but I am sure you will find some version in a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. There are tremendous benefits to decorating with these many different hues of gentle abundant colors. Since they are on the lighter side they make a small room feel larger and a larger room feels warmer. Whether you are trying to create your sophisticated retreat or simply bring in the beautiful colors of spring, pastels are an excellent choice in decorating. 

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