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Did you know that the Chesterfield leather sofa dates back to the 1700’s?  Distinctive designed by the Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Phillip Stanhope.  He lived in the East Midlands in England.

It is said that the Lord wanted somewhere for a gentleman to sit without putting creases in his suit.  He was viewed as a trend setter with a love for fashion.  Many admired his knowledge of both.

In the beginning these distinctive designed tufted sofas were reserved for the upper class.  These iconic pieces of furniture were shown in many Victorian homes as well as the summer homes of the wealthiest.


Originally stuffed with horse hair and lots of hand driven tacks, you will find todays Chesterfield sofas are built using modern methods.  Eight-way hand-tied construction and a solid hardwood frame will be your highest of quality.  Some modern-day furniture builders will use engineered frames and a no sag base. This is a much less expensive way to build furniture but does make it more affordable.

Distinctive Chesterfield Sofa

The Traditional Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas are among the most recognizable pieces of leather furniture in the world.  Almost anywhere you travel you can recognize this handsome style.  Whether it be a sofa or chair, there is no doubt it will lift the room in which it is placed.

The Distinctive Chesterfield sofa works well in both modern and traditional homes.

You can always identify this style by the all over tufting and the back and arm height are usually the same.  Though this style has evolved over the years, you can now find these styles with single seat cushions and even as a solid tufted removable bench seat cushion.

Distinctive Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa is timeless. This iconic style is also available in a loveseat, chair, sofa sleepers and sectional sofas.  This style has remained popular over hundreds of years.  The classic Chesterfield sofa is a piece that often becomes a family heirloom and is passed down for generations.  A good leather Chesterfield sofa that is built using high quality materials and top grain leather will continue to adorn your home forever.

If you want that kind of durability and quality make sure you buy a Chesterfield sofa that has a solid wood frame, true eight-way hand-tied construction and only premium top grain cowhide is used for upholstering.

The Chesterfield sofa can and often becomes the most popular seat in the house.  You will find them comfortable and ageless.  This is a piece of furniture that is always in style.  It is recognized as good taste and always a traditional favorite.

Whether you have a Chesterfield sofa, chair, or sectional in your home it will be admired and show your good taste!

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