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Faux Leather Furniture: Is It Really as Good as The Real Thing?

Faux Leather Furniture

We all want to save money whenever we can. In some cases, this leads us to cut corners which probably shouldn’t be cut.
At other times, the pros and cons don’t seem to be as clear as we would like.
Regardless of whatever kind of decision we need to make, the fact is we need to do our homework so we can make the best choice possible.
This is as true of investing in stocks and bonds as it is for buying furniture.
For instance, when it comes to large pieces – like a sofa, sectional, or chair – should you only invest in 100% leather?
Or, is faux leather an acceptable alternative?

What Is Faux Leather and How Is It Fabricated?

Faux leather is fake, synthetic leather.  It’s also known by other names, like pleather and leatherette.
This type of material is used to make everything from “leather” furniture to boots, pants, skirts, headboards, and book covers.
Faux leather starts out as cotton material. It is then treated with polyurethane – and in some cases, wax or dyes – to create a texture similar to leather. This type of material was first introduced in the 1960s.
Over the years, the uses have changed, starting as a seat liner in vehicles and going on to be used in clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. 

The Pros and Cons of Faux Leather Furniture

Due to the lack of longevity of fake leather, many people shy away from this synthetic plastic material. It is in no way comparable to real leather. 
As with everything, though, there are pros and cons. It’s especially important to look at both sides of the story before making a furniture investment. 
Furniture is, after all, an investment which should last for years. Moreover, here are some things to consider before you invest in faux leather furniture. 

The Pros – Why This Might Be a Good Investment

One reason so many people like fake leather is because it is so cheap. 
Fashion designers especially like it because they can create everything from amazing boots to fabulous jackets – but they can do so affordably.  Be aware plastic does not wear like genuine leather.
The same can be said of faux leather furniture. It can be used to fabricate sofas, sectionals, chairs, and pillows. And because it’s more affordable than leather, it keeps costs down for folks looking for a good deal.

The Cons – Why You Might Want to Avoid Faux Leather

Unfortunately, fake leather isn’t as durable as real leather. It is easily punctured and can be torn relatively easily as well. 
Another issue people have with this type of material is some people are allergic to polyurethane or polyamide microfiber (PVC), which is also used to make fake leather.
Real leather, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic for most people.
Those who want an environmentally friendly option might not be a fan of faux leather either. 
While the environment isn’t necessarily harmed by the production of this material, it’s more environmentally wasteful than real leather. This is because real leather is considered a bi-product of beef.
Another reason why some people prefer leather over leatherette is because of the different ways each material age. Real leather becomes shinier, gaining a rich, attractive patina you just can’t get with fake leather.
In the end, most people feel true leather looks and feels better, and is ultimately more durable.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship – Investing in Furniture which Will Last for Years

Choosing the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice. This can be said for everything from paint and electronics to shoes and health insurance
It can even be said of your furniture choices.
When it comes to choosing between leather and faux leather furniture, you should look for the piece which is going to prove to be a good long-term investment.
Saving a few dollars now can easily add up to hundreds down the road – either in the form of repairs or having to purchase a new piece.
If you want something which going to last and bring you comfort and joy for years to come, make sure you go with the real deal: real leather which has been handcrafted into beautiful, high-quality furniture
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