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How to Create a Cozy Home for Winter: 5 Steps You Must Try!

Create Cozy space for winter using leather furniture


During the cold winter months, weekends are meant to be spent indoors and creating a cozy home becomes a primary focus.

Nothing makes winter more enjoyable than bundling up with a luxe throw in a cozy leather recliner while relishing in a good book or movie with a hot cup of tea.

Warming up your home does not require an immense overhaul. Instead, it’s about mixing in warm elements while maintaining the aesthetic you love. Here’s some tips to make your home feel extra cozy without making major changes!

5 Steps to Cozy Up Your Home (So You’ll Never Want to Leave!)

Here are five steps you can take right now to create a beautiful, comfortable winter oasis. 

1. Add Some Cozy Textiles into the Mix

Textiles can definitely add to your cozy quotient

Adding some texture to your home through baskets, fabrics, fur, wood, or leather is the perfect way to dial up the coziness of your home.  Consider adding a leather ottoman in place of a coffee table during the winter months.  

Not only does it add some texture to your space, but it also gives your feet a comfy place to rest!

Other essential additions can include:

  • New curtains. Swap out your light summer curtains for heavier winter drapes. 
  • Rugs. A rug provides texture and a visual appeal while keeping your feet warm during chilly winter mornings. 
  • Blankets. Blankets are essential in the winter months to keep warm. You can have several to fit the needs of everyone in your home, which will definitely increase the comfort level. 

2. Add Some Rustic Touches (Even If You Have Modern Décor) 

If you have more of a modern or minimalist aesthetic, does this mean you can’t add any rustic pieces to your home? 

Absolutely not. In fact, you might find these additions add a lot of charm, character, and warmth to your existing décor. 

Some options include: 

  • Adding a leather Chesterfield sofa to your pre-existing modern décor
  • Placing a natural fiber rug on top of a concrete floor
  • Use rustic colors such as browns and neutrals into the mix with pillows, rugs, or rustic-looking accessories 

3. Add Some Warmer Colors into Your Color Scheme 

It's easy to add warmth by mixing in warm tones using browns and neutrals.

During the summer months, it isn’t uncommon to want your home to feel fresh, cool, and clean. 

Typically, the colors you choose to decorate with tend to favor light, bright colors such as white, light blue, and other cooler pastels. 

During the winter months, you can add some warmer colors without making your home feel like a cave. You can even change up an accent wall, using a nice gray or brown tone. 

Another way to add warmer colors is with your accessories like pillows, throws, and rugs. 

4. Mix Up Your Furniture

A fun way to make your home cozy is to mix up your furniture. Add in some beautiful leather pieces, like a leather ottoman, benches, settees, or chaise lounges. 

Mixing different types of furniture makes a home look more lived-in.

You can also add cozy to your home by switching up your furniture arrangement. Put your modern coffee table with an overstuffed leather couch or mix your mid-century modern sofa with more elaborate side tables.

The simple task of mixing and switching up your furniture placement can have great impact on how warm your home feels.

5. Don’t Forget to Add Some Plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to warm up a room. Plants add texture, color, and life to a space instantly!

Don’t worry, you won’t need a green thumb, most houseplants are extremely easy to care for.

The trick to using them is to focus on choosing plants of a different size, shape, and texture. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a few plants warm up a room.

Because plants are living beings, they add a nice level of comfort, beauty, and charm to your space. 

How Will You Turn Your Home into a Cozy Haven This Winter?

The winter season will be here before you know it. It’s a time of year when most people will be hosting holiday parties and spending cozy evenings at home with their loved ones. 

Take the time you have now – before things get crazy with planning, prepping, hosting, and attending parties – to turn your home into a beautiful cozy haven of delight.

Doing so will allow you to enjoy your time indoors even more this season – and be the envy of everyone who enters your warm, comfortable, winter retreat.   

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