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How to Distinguish a Quality Leather Sofa from a Subpar One

If you plan on purchasing that leather sofa you've been dreaming about for some time now, there are several questions you surely need answered. Among these, the most striking one is "How can I be sure that I will choose a quality leather sofa?"

There are so many types of sofas on the market that you can easily be tempted by a discount or a good salesperson's speech. In this post, we aim to give you some selection criteria which will help you find the best quality leather sofa.

1. Search thoroughly before deciding on a quality leather sofa

There are outstanding differences between various types of leather sofas that range from the quality of the leather which was used when manufacturing the product to the wood that was used for the frame or even the padding.

Carefully considering all these elements before making a purchase will get you the best quality leather sofa there is. If you've got your mind set on leather sofas, we would also advise you to try choosing your ideal product from stores which are specialized in leather furniture instead of those who offer various other options as well.

2. Choose the type of leather that fits you

There are several types of leather, so choosing the best one for leather sofas ultimately depends on taste and how much money you are willing to invest. The main three types of leather can be differentiated according to the way they were dyed.

We've got pigmented leather which is usually the less expensive one. This type of leather is coated with a protective substance mixed with dye. The second type of leather is protected aniline, which is coated with a protective sealant that keeps it safe from stains. The third type of leather, which is said to be the best leather for sofas, is untreated aniline which gives the leather a soft feeling.

No matter which one of these three options you choose, we recommend you stay away from sofas based on a mixture of vinyl and leather because the vinyl will deteriorate faster than the leather, resulting in an unpleasant aspect.

quality leather sofa

3. Inspect the stitches and the padding

A good quality leather sofa can also be distinguished by its stitches or, rather, it's lack of them. While you examine the leather sofa, look at the padding and try to touch it. If you feel the frame underneath, it is a sign that you should look somewhere else because this is definitely not the best option.

4. Look at the frame

Check out this part of the sofa as well. If you want your leather sofa to last for a long time, then search for one with a frame made out of a resistant type of wood.

Try sitting on the sofa. If it feels comfortable and you hear no strange sounds, it is a good sign that you found yourself a quality sofa.

5. Check out the details

Always look at the label. It should indicate the precise description that might answer many questions regarding the quality of the sofa. If it doesn't suffice and you are still in doubt, don't hesitate to ask the salesperson any other questions you might have.

We hope that all this information will make things easier for you the next time you are on your way to purchasing a leather sofa. Don't forget that you should not buy the first one you come across as it might prove to be far from what you expected.

If it's hard to make up your mind, check out the best leather sofas we've posted on our page. If you need any more advice on how to choose the most suitable one for your needs and budget, give us a call at 800-262-1049 and we will gladly help you decide.

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