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How to Find the Most Comfortable Couch for Your Back

How To Find The Most Comfortable Couch For Your Back

If you have back pain, you know how wonderful it can feel to come home and sink into a comfortable couch.
The right couch can help improve and prevent back pain.
Conversely, the wrong couch can exacerbate an existing back issue. 
If you’re in the market for a new couch, how do you know which one to choose?


5 Tips to Help You Find the Most Comfortable Couch for Your Back

There’s nothing worse than purchasing your dream couch only to get it home and find out it strains your back muscles.
This is why we wanted to show you how to find the most comfortable couch. Our goal is to help you find a couch which will envelop you in complete comfort and ease your aches and pains – not cause more of them.
Here are some things to consider the next time you go shopping for a couch.

1.  You Want a Sturdy Frame

A study frame is made of hardwood, like what you can find in North Carolina. A hardwood frame doesn’t move while you situate yourself on the couch. It stays firmly in place every time you adjust. 
Cheaper frames wear out quickly.  This means you have to buy another couch sooner. And as they wear out, the couch starts to sag instead of supporting your body. The result can mean back pain.

2. Choose a Couch Which Fits Your Weight

This might be the last thing on a shoppers’ mind, but it’s really important. 
The couch needs to support your weight. If a couch isn’t made of sturdy, dense, quality materials, it will start to sag rather quickly. 
When couch cushions sag and/or lose their shape, they lose their support as well. This will put pressure on your lower back and knees.  
If you’re not sure which couch to choose, please ask us. We offer free design help. Not only do we want to help you find something which fits your aesthetic – we want you to find something which fits your body!

3. Make Sure the Couch Fits Your Frame, Especially Your Height

It would be so nice if we could choose furniture based on aesthetics alone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 
We need to make sure furniture fits our size. If we don’t, we’ll end up having really bad posture while sitting which can lead to a lot of problems. 
For instance, if you’re really tall, you need a couch which is going to support your back, hips and knees. A couch which hits you in the back of the thigh or sinks down under your hips can push your knees up in an awkward and uncomfortable position. 
Sit like this too long and a backache or knee problems will be right around the corner. 
And if you’re on the shorter side, a couch which doesn’t allow your feet to meet the floor can actually cause back problems, too. 
Be sure to take some measurements. Find out what couch measurement fits your stature the best. Then, when shopping for your couch, make sure you pick one which fits those specifications. 

A High-Quality, Comfortable Couch Is an Investment in Your Health 

Some people equate comfort to high cost. 
While it’s true some couches which cost more can be way more comfortable than a cheap couch, it doesn’t always go this way. 
We’ve sat on plenty of pricey couches only to discover – rather quickly – just how uncomfortable they really are.
The thing you want to pay attention to when looking for a couch is quality. 
A well-made couch typically falls into the mid- to upper-price range. The affordability of the couch depends on your definition of affordability. 
But it’s important to remember a comfortable couch is something you’re going to have for years and use at least once a day. 
Therefore, you want something which is going to withstand all of this use and stay comfortable for years to come. 
This might require a bit more money than you were initially expecting to invest. It helps to remember how often you’re going to use it, and how wonderful it is to sit on a truly comfortable couch.
When you’re in the market for a new couch – remember when looking at the price tag you’re looking to purchase something will ease your back pain, not cause it. 
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