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How to Measure Leather Furniture for Your Room

Be sure to always measure for new furniture. For comfort reasons and to make sure it will fit into your home. It’s really important to remember a sofa bed and recliners as well as home theater seating require additional floor space when reclined. Most outside dimensions when they are provided by manufactures are taken at the outside widest point. If you are ordering handmade furniture keep in mind published dimensions can vary up to four inches of any published spec.  

How to measure sofa width

Outside arm to outside arm. Make sure you are taking the measurements at the widest point. When you lay or hold your tape measure or yardstick make sure it overlaps the arms all the way. Do not measure at the bottom of the frame this will not be accurate. You are looking for floor space required, the floor space a sofa will take up.

How to measure sofa height

This is done to the highest point. From the floor to the top highest point. Not just to the frame as many styles have back pillows that exceed the frame and that additional height is counted. 

Measuring furniture depth

It’s not just the bottom edge. The pitch of the sofa or chair or whatever you are measuring for must be added. So the best way is to get two methods to measure by. For example, get a yardstick and lay or hold it on the back and the same thing from the front starting on the floor and where they meet will be your depth.

Seat height - How it's measured

Seat height is measured from the floor to the crown of the cushion.  Lay a yardstick or a tape measure on the seat and get another tape measure or yardstick and where they meet is the seat height.  

Design tips

If your room is empty and you just can’t see it in your head , lay it out. Either use tape or cut out cardboard to the dimension and then you can see just how much floor space is required for your new furniture.

When ordering new furniture, manufactures provide you with outside dimensions.  If you are buying handmade furniture the actual product dimensions can vary by as much as 4".  Be sure to mention to your sales person if the exact published dimensions are needed.  This is extremely important if dimensions are an important part of your furniture needs.  Machine made furniture should match the published dimensions.Handmade furniture you must request this.  Any high end furniture company will respect your wishes.  

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