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Leather is the strongest sheet material known to man.  Nothing outlasts real leather.  Because of that it is most often used for saddles, shoes, belts, and leather furniture.  Most anything that needs to be strong and durable.  Leather furniture is a wonderful investment that will give back through the years.  There is nothing more comfortable than a real leather sofa and chair.


Let’s review a few reasons leather is used so often for furniture:

1)       Leather Furniture is Extremely Durable

Not only is leather furniture timeless but is also very comfortable to sit on.  Leather furniture gets better with age.  Like your favorite pair of leather shoes or your favorite saddle.  Leather is a no-brainer for a choice in furniture and it holds its value.  Cleaning is a breeze.  Just a mild soap and water or we also recommend this cleaner and conditioner that is endorsed by all the leather tanneries for leather maintenance.  Leather is the most durable upholstery for furniture.

2)      Leather Furniture Outlasts Fabric

Furniture upholstered using leather will outlast fabric 3-fold.  If you have a spill on a fabric sofa you might be able to remove the stain, but you can’t remove the smell.  This is never an issue with leather furniture. Leather is so much stronger than fabric.  Have you ever tried to rip leather?  You simply can’t!  The same cannot be said for even upholstery grade material.  You can see that leather is a much better value over the years.  You can expect a well-made leather sofa to last decades.

3)      Four Seasons Comfort

Leather is not a trend like many fabric designs.  It has been a staple in homes for decades.  Today both traditional and modern homes feature leather pieces. Because leather is a natural fiber it is soft and supple year-round.  Leather is constantly taking in moisture from the air.  This keeps your leather sectional sofa room temperature year-round.  Providing the same level of comfort in the summer as you can expect during the winter holidays.  Leather furniture is like your favorite comfort food.  No weight gain, just that warm and fuzzy feeling.

4)      Reclining Leather Furniture

There is nothing better than a comfortable leather recliner.  Leather recliners have taken over a huge portion of motion furniture sales for many years.  Mostly for their comfort and durability.  Motion furniture has become so popular you can now have it made with lots of additions other than just recline.

Power reclines are more popular these days than manual reclines.  Most leather recliners come standard with a USB charging port.  Battery packs and articulating headrests are also available as options.

Recliners and sofas with all these features are called luxury motion and nobody does it better than Bradington Young.  Well built furniture made in the USA for decades.  You can save hundreds of dollars by shopping online at Wellington's Leather Furniture for this quality name brand.

5)      Leather Furniture is Timeless

Just like your favorite purse or pair of shoes.  Leather never wears out.  For this reason, it is the most popular choice for leather chairs and recliners.  Leather sofas and sectionals also account for a large amount of the leather furniture upholstery market.

Leather furniture is always associated with good taste!  Because it outlasts fabric by 5 times it is a great investment.  Tufted and traditional are still the most popular styles associated with leather furniture, but more modern and contemporary styles are finding their way into the marketplace and mix well with traditional pieces.  Eclectic is the new normal.  Mixing styles and colors, textures and patterns brings interest and variety to your home.

6)      Top Grain Leather is The Best

Top grain leather is the only leather that should be used when building leather furniture.  Any other part of the hide is not soft and supple and does not have the attractive look and durability of the top grain.  Top grain leather is an excellent way to save money on high quality furniture.

Leather far outlasts cloth furniture.  You may pay more up front, but it will pay off in the long run.  Unlike cloth furniture leather is the perfect material for folks with allergies.   Leather never holds odors and is basically maintenance free.

Top grain leather furniture is the best choice for your home or your office.  It’s comfortable, affordable and lasts for decades.

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