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Leather Sectional Terms to Know

Shopping for a leather sectional sofa can be confusing. There are many unfamiliar terms to learn. After all, well-made leather furniture lasts a long time so it’s not a purchase we make often. Sectional sofas are a great alternative to a leather sofa and loveseat. Using the same amount of floor space offers more seating. If you want to use your floor space for the optimum seating, consider a leather sectional sofa.

A sectional sofa is basically a larger sofa. It can also be perceived as a sofa with a loveseat and chair attached. Since a leather sectional sofa is continuous there is no waste of seating space. The corner is also a seat, where you might otherwise put a table. Depending on the configuration you choose or number of separate pieces you purchase a sectional can be very versatile while adapting to your space.

How To Order a Leather Sectional Sofa

How to Order Leather Sectional SofaLeather sectional sofas are always ordered facing not sitting. You should stand before or in front of your space to determine the pieces you need. Corners or wedges are measured from the center of the back going in each direction.

Terms like - L/F or R/F mean left or right facing pieces. Most all sectional sofa pieces are available in either left or right facing.

Remember the goal with a leather sectional sofa is more seating in less space.

Some sectional sofas offer many options while others only offer a few. It may take you a minute to find the perfect fit for your space.

Popular options include, but are not limited to:

L/R Facings 1 Arm Sofas

L/R Facing Loveseats

L/R Facing Chairs

Armless Chairs or Loveseats

Curved Wedge or Square Corner

LR Facing Options

How to Measure for Your New Leather Sectional Sofa

Measuring For Sectional Sofa

All outside dimensions for sectional pieces are for floor space required. Measure your empty space and determine the number of feet or inches your room can comfortably accommodate. Keeping in mind you must allow for room to walk, tables and door openings.

Once you determine the amount of space you wish to fill with seating you can then begin your hunt for the best style that suits your taste. All pieces that are available with sectional seating will have both inside and outside dimensions listed next to each piece within a collection.

This is helpful for determining if the depth of the seat is wide enough for both sitting and lying down. Also, be sure to note the seat height. As we age, we tend to want a higher seat height because it is easier to make our exit.

Leather Sectional Sofas are on Point for Entertaining and Unexpected Guests

Leather Sectional Sofa Blog

Sectional sofas are great for folks that like to entertain. Most of the time we configure our sectionals to face the focal point of the room. Whether it be a beautiful view or the screen of the TV to watch the big game. This style of seating brings everyone together to enjoy whatever your view.

This type of set-up can also serve as additional sleeping arrangements for guests. Sectionals are typically longer than a standard sofa so you can sleep comfortably without restrictions a regular sofa or loveseat might have. Another option available with many sectional sofas is a pull-out mattress. They range in size from twin to queen for many sectionals.

One more mention should be how nice a leather sectional sofa can work as a room divider. In fact, I use mine to divide my great room from the kitchen area. My home still has the open feeling while extending lots of seating for the kids and now grandchildren, dogs, and Monster our cat.

Whatever your style or budget there is a leather sectional sofa that will meet your needs. With all the options for sectionals today you will be able to find a comfortable, functional, fashionable sectional that everyone can agree on!


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