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Have you ever been shopping for leather furniture and the salesperson uses furniture terms that are over your head? Not anymore, I am going to help you get familiar with all of the most important leather furniture terms you need to know when shopping for your new leather sofa.

Leather: You want to make sure you buy only top grain cowhide leather for its beauty, durability, and longevity. Only top grain leather will provide the strength you need to have a leather sofa or sectional that will last. Any other kind of leather will not hold up to daily use.


Back Cushion:
The inside back cushion is where your back rests when you are seated. It could consist of one solid pillow, tight back, or double pillow back.

Welt: Some call this cording. It is what makes a border on a seat or back cushion. It is a way to finish the look neat and clean. Other ways to border cushions are using a baseball stitch, double needle stitch or decorative stitching.

Outside Back: This is the part of the furniture where you do not sit. If your leather sofa is placed against a wall this would be the back that would face the wall.

Inside Arm: This is where your arm rests and the part of the arm that will be next to your body on the inside of the chair.

Seat Cushion: Where your tush rests! This is the most important part of your new leather chair. This controls the comfort. Make sure you let your salesperson know your needs. Firm, soft, extra firm etc….

Outside arm: Just as it says the outside of the arm. This area should be finished properly to free float in your room.

Seat Cushion Front Border: This includes the entire front of the seat cushion that faces forward not the part where you sit.

Arm Panels: These are the front of the arms. Often outlined with nail trim, the arm panels are a good place to add interest. Contrasting colors or even embossed or decorative leathers are often placed here.

Seat Boarder: A small section underneath the seat cushion just above the front rail. Not all sofas will have a seat border. Some will only have a front rail. This is decorative and not necessary for structure.

Front Rail: The front rail is the area between the seat cushion and the bottom of the sofa. If there is a seat border, it will be below this. It is the area where your calves will hit while seated.

More Leather Furniture Terms

Three Over Three: This means there are three back cushions and three seat cushions.

Two Over Two: Same as three over three just two back cushions and two seat cushions.

Bench Seat: A solid seat cushion. Only one seat cushion that goes across the sofa in one piece. Some Chesterfield sofas will have a tufted bench seat cushion.

Button Tufted: These are buttons that are used to produce patterns and dimensions to a leather piece. Tufting is an old art that can make a leather sofa or chair more interesting. Tufting with a pure aniline leather gives lots of interest because it changes the color of the leather where it is pulled tight.

Leather Furniture is an investment that will last for generations as long as you give it a little TLC.

Keeping your new leather sofa cleaned and conditioned is a key part to longevity. Little maintenance will add years to a leather chair. Clean with a soft cleaner from time to time and condition on occasion as needed.


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