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Maintaining Your Leather Furniture

You need to protect leather furniture from…Sunlight, heat and sharp objects.

~Never place your leather furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

~Always avoid placing your leather furniture near sources of excessive heat

~Avoid using sharp objects on or near your leather furniture

Cleaning Leather

Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

~Use a damp color fast cloth for the regular cleaning of your leather furniture.

~For protected leathers or aniline plus leathers (pigmented) use a mild soap and distilled or bottled water if your water source is from city water otherwise tap water should be fine but never saturate the leather or water rings could appear.

~To clean aniline or nubuck leathers, blot in a circular motion with a clean color fast soft cloth dampened with distilled water.

~Dust your leather furniture just as you would dust your wood furniture.

~Vacuum with a soft brush attachment on a regular basis to keep your leather clean and breathable. We also recommend using a vacuum attachment to clean underneath your seat cushions to keep the decking clean and clear of unnecessary objects.

~Never use a chemical polish or soaps, this will break down your leathers finish and also void any manufacturers warranties.

~After any use of water always use a color fast cloth to dry the surface. Never apply pressure just lightly graze the surface to remove any excess liquid that remains.

~If you follow these easy care directions, you will extend the life of your furniture. Well cared for furniture can easily become an family heirloom to be passed to other family members after many years of daily use.

Organizations that provide leather cleaning and restoration:

Leather Masters - 888-825-6551

Color Glow International – 800-333-8523

New Life – 800-633-4010

The Leather Institute – 800-799-5099

The Leather Solution – 800-468-5852

Uniters North America – 800-241-6384

The Leather Collection – 800-256-9773 

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