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My Interesting Comparison-Furniture vs. Flooring

Getting ready for family and friends to visit with us for several days over the holidays and as usual, I go into nesting mode. The children are returning home for the holidays with their spouses and own children. This is our favorite time of the year and a stressful time as well. In preparation we decided this year to replace the carpet in our den with wood floor. We love doing DYI projects and this was one we decided to do on our own before everyone arrived. Something new for Thanksgiving together. Along with my husband’s new leather recliner. Having never ordered or laid wood floor, we only knew we needed a specific color and type that we had in our kitchen area that the den adjoined.

We shopped the normal box stores, then the bigger flooring specialty stores and then online. We chose to purchase the flooring online because the person we reached over the phone has so much more product knowledge than anyone else we talked to in the stores. We literally drove from store to store and found no one that had much product knowledge at all. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was with the company for several years and could answer any question I threw his way. Our biggest concern was the quality and hardiness of the wood. We have a large family. Although our children are grown we still have three daughters, three granddaughters and three son in laws that come to stay several times per year and our full time children are our standard poodles. Nigel, Maggie and Riley each one weighing about 70 pounds. They play, run and carry on the floor and the furniture. Which got me to share my thoughts on this topic.

Buying Leather Furniture VS Buying Wood Flooring Very Much The Same

We ended up purchasing the flooring online from the gentleman with the knowledge and the answers to our many questions. He did not have the lowest price but for the little bit more I felt relieved to know that any questions I may have in the future he was always there to take my call or respond to my emails right away. This is far superior to the service I was being offered in my local area. Don’t get me wrong, I try to support local, but if employees are not willing to go the extra mile for me before the sale I can only expect even less if issues come up after the sale. I don’t expect any issues but if I have them I want to feel secure and taken care of without hassle. The company we purchased the flooring from reminded me of the customer service and going the extra mile that Wellington’s does. Before, during and after the sale support. Just like the flooring company we offer a more than fair price and customer service beyond. With today’s up and down market place you always have to bring you’re A game with every sale. We promise that is what you will find from Wellington’s staff of all women.

Another point I must make is for sure you do get what you pay for. The flooring we bought was American made, although as mentioned during our driving adventure of over 100 miles to see and buy flooring we were shown imported wood floor but not told of the difference until we were actually educated by our online flooring expert. Waste is a huge part of flooring, I had no idea, now I do for sure. We were told to buy up to 20% extra to complete our project and that was a large chunk of change to add square footage to the actual size of our room. Since we purchased quality American made we only had ten feet of waste. The boards were flawless and with cheaper imported products we were told you can expect the yield to be much less. You will find knots and boards that cannot be used causing your waste to sky rocket.

As I spent that Saturday enjoying our DYI project I just kept comparing this experience to that of our customers at Wellington’s. Now after having a furniture showroom for over 30 years we made a decision to go online only. It was where our business went and it is keeping up with the times. Keeping business the same, but even more than that, keeping our customers satisfied. Being better than the next company on all levels that is how you win over new customers, simply being the best. Staying up to date on product knowledge, keeping our prices in line like passing our discounts onto the customer and just being there when you need us. My experience was awesome and I know yours will be too when you choose to purchase leather furniture from Wellington’s.

We are consumers just like the ones that come to us for quality merchandise. It was really a great experience for me to be on the other side of the fence with products questions and soaking up like a sponge my sales associate product knowledge this made my decision, the right decision for my purchase. That is what we want to convey to all of you considering a purchase from Wellington’s. We treat you as you are our only customer and offer you the very best price on all the top brands of leather furniture we sell. We are very particular with the lines we represent and the lines we represent are very particular with whom they allow to represent their furniture lines.

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