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Online Furniture Sales on the Rise

There are many areas in our country that just don’t have furniture stores. Very often it is very difficult to locate furniture stores in your immediate area that have lots of product on their floor to look at. There have been so many stores that have been forced to close their doors when the recession hit that some areas of the country are truly without a local resource for quality furnishings.

In some cases it is better to bite the bullet and purchase products online using the internet. This is something we do for many other products so why not furniture? I am in no way suggesting not shopping locally!  I am just saying that there are so many locations right here in the USA that simply do not have good resources for quality home furnishings. Rather than settling for something you don’t really like or the construction quality is not up to your standards, there are some very good resources for furniture available at reduced prices when you shop online. It is also about the convenience and variety of colors and styles offered. Often online retailers have a large assortment of inventory to choose from because they do not have to pay for floor space, not to mention the delivery cost in many cases is free.  If the store is not located in your state of residence there is tax savings too. There is enough business in our nation for both local and internet home furnishings stores but if local is not an option the internet is a great resource.

Save Time & Money Furniture Shopping

Furniture shopping can be very stressful.  Driving from showroom to showroom takes a lot of time. In our furniture showroom I have actually witnessed couples stop talking to each other and others that actually have had yelling matches over pieces of furniture, because they are so stressed out and at wits end. Chill out people, it’s not oxygen! I think with the success of companies like Amazon and Overstock it proves just how many people are buying their furniture and other household items on the internet. Over the years I have heard so many times that I just can’t buy a piece of furniture without sitting in it! Today 8 out of 10 people are. Wellington’s Furniture does 99% of our business without folks sitting in our furniture. Measure something you already have in your home that fits you, this will help get an idea of the dimensions your new furniture should have. Measuring furniture is simple; this will help give you an idea of the size your new furniture should be. It is important to check both inside and outside dimensions for your comfort and to insure the furniture will fit within your space.

Buying Furniture Online

Buying Furniture Without Sitting In It

Internet shopping is not for everyone buying furniture, but for those of us who like saving time and money it is a great resource. Online furniture sales increased by 14% in 2014 and continue to rise. Statistics show that the online furniture buyers are looking for convenience, product selection and affordability, in that order. American made is still important but not as important as it once was. Buying home furnishings online is now commonplace. Data shows that eight out of 10 U.S. consumers have bought furniture online. Data also shows us that buyers are younger and more affluent than average US consumers. Online buyers tend to own their own homes, are employed full time and have college degrees. So these updated statistics prove that consumers are now willing to buy large ticket items without sitting on them or kicking the tires. The most popular furniture sold online is a sofa but let’s not forget the matching loveseat, leather club chairs or even sectional sofas. Leather executive seating is also extremely popular with the shortage of nicer office products at a shortage on most furniture showrooms; office seating is another area experiencing good growth. It boils down to convenience and this crowd of busy consumers cherishes their free time more for spending it with friends and family. Online bargains are always out there. Local showrooms usually don’t have competition and are able to charge more of a premium price while online retailers are forced to compete nationwide, so prices are good and inventory is much greater than a local showroom can afford to display, especially in high traffic urban areas where square footage floor space is at a premium. Discover for yourself how easy furniture shopping can be, with the click of the mouse order fabric or leather swatches and then with the same ease order your furniture. Enjoy tremendous savings and real convenience all while saving time and money. Embrace the ease and comfort of shopping from home like eight out of 10 are already doing. It’s your time when you have time, remember online stores are open 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  

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