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More people than ever in every age group are enjoying the great outdoors. Family and friends gather together to enjoy good food and drink outside of their homes using their patios and decks. A fireplace or fire pit can bring not only warmth but a special feeling of safety and comfort during the dark hours. There is just something about the flame that leaves us with a sense of calm and peace.

Just sitting under the stars on a clear night improves our mood. Gazing into the fire or looking towards the skies is an excellent way to spend a night. Whether your taste be traditional or contemporary there is a fireplace that will work for the exterior of your home using a design to complement the interior of your home. Your outdoor fireplace can be a perfect place to gather your entire family for making s’mores or roasting hot dogs. Pitch a tent in the yard and enjoy the camping experience in your own back yard.

Small, large, wood burning or gas the outdoor fire pit or fireplace is not just a source for warm and gathering but esthetically a plus for your patio. They are viewed as a valuable addition to your patio, deck or outdoor living space. Ultimately, the outdoor fireplace that’s right for your homes exterior space will be one that reflects your personality and your enjoyment of fireside fun. Seasonal or permanent? A permanent structure can add elegance and value to your home while a fire pit can be unassembled or moved if you choose.

Build in fireplaces are often constructed using stucco, brick or rock. These are more expensive but will add the most value to your home. Always make sure the venting is up to code and the always check with the local fire officials or check out the burning bands before you light up.

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