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Sofa vs. Sectional Couch – Which One Should You Choose?

It’s time to buy a new sofa. This is an exciting prospect. The couch is one of the focal pieces within a living space. It can make your space look luxurious, cozy, and inviting.
While the idea of shopping for a couch is exciting at first, it can quickly become overwhelming simply because of all of the choices you have. 
For example, should you get a traditional sofa, or should you invest in a sectional? This should probably be the first question you ask. Once you have this figured out, then you can focus on color, material, and overall style. 

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your New Couch

When trying to decide between a sofa and a sectional, here are five things we urge you to think about. Answer these questions and you’ll be one step closer to choosing the best couch for your needs and tastes. 

1. What’s Your Personal Style?

Do you like the look of sectionals? For the most part, we’ve found people either love these couches or loathe them. If you’re not crazy about the look of a piece of furniture, there’s no reason to put down your money to purchase it. 
What if you’re not the only one making the sofa decision and you aren’t crazy about sectionals but your partner loves them? 
Again, look at style. In the past, furniture manufacturers made sectionals which would appeal to those with more masculine sensitivities. They were dark, slouchy, and made of materials which were formulated for comfort more than style. 
These days, though, we’ve found more manufacturers are trying to find a happy medium. They’re still focused on comfort, but they want to design pieces which are stylish as well. 
Find a style you and your partner can agree on, and then shop for a sectional which fits into your combined aesthetic

2. How Many Seats Do You Need?

If you have a lot of people living in your home or have company over all the time, a sectional might be more practical than a sofa. You’ll be able to seat more people. 
Of course, some people have a gorgeous sofa and additional chairs for visitors to sit on and these work fine for them. However, the most comfortable of these scenarios is probably going to be the sectional. 

3. How Often Do You Rearrange Your Furniture?

Some people design their living space and leave it the same way for decades. Others seem to change their living room around every couple of months. 
If you like to change your space around to fit your mood, you’ll need furniture which easy to move around. A sofa is much easier to navigate around a living space, particularly if you decide to move it from your living room to your family room. A sectional, on the other hand, can be a lot more difficult to move.

4. How Big Is Your Space?

Space is a concern for most people. If you live in a smaller space, you may think your options are pretty limited. 
A sofa seems to make sense for most people who have a small living room. However, this is not your only option. Plenty of people have been able to fit a sectional with a chaise nicely into their space. 

5. What Is the Effect You’re Going For?

We’ve talked about what kind of style you want in your living room, but what kind of effect do you want?
Think about whether you want your space to look more spacious or if you prefer the full and cozy look instead. 
A sofa and chairs will give you an airy, spacious feeling, while a sectional will definitely increase the coziness factor. 

Don’t Skimp on Quality – Your Couch Should Be With You for Years to Come

One of the most expensive furniture purchases you’ll make over the years is a sofa. It’s a large piece and a lot goes into making sure this centerpiece looks fabulous. 
Sometimes, we see people try to cut corners or skimp when it comes to making their sofa-buying decision. They want to save money – which makes total sense. Or, they want a certain type of couch and will take a less expensive version of it just to get the style they want. 
We understand wanting to save money and not wanting to compromise on style. However, the one thing you should never compromise on is quality
Make sure when you’re shopping for your sofa, you make quality the highest priority. There’s nothing worse than dishing out your entire sofa budget on something which looks good today and falls apart in a few months. Quality furniture can and should last for years to come. 
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