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The Best Furniture For People And Pets That Suffer From Allergies

Leather Best for AllergiesLeather Furniture is the best furniture to use in your home for people and animals that suffer from allergies. Leather furniture can be the first step to creating an allergy free home.   Could your furniture be making you sick?  Unlike fabric upholstery leather does not hold odor or dust mites.  Leather is a natural product and stays room temperature and naturally breaths through the hair follicle holes.  This keeps your leather sofa and loveseat comfortable year-round.

We all know that genuine leather furniture far outlasts any upholstery and now it has been proven that it is worth its weight in gold for allergy sufferers.  You can still have a beautiful home despite suffering from allergies.  Both you and your fur babies can live a more comfortable and healthier life.

Our Pets and Allergies

Most all-American households have either a cat or a dog that lives in the house with us.  More and more these days our pets are suffering with allergies just as we do.  Sometimes it’s only seasonal while others suffer year-round.  There is no reason for our pets to suffer any more than they have to.  Leather is best for pets all the way around.  Best for not absorbing their slobber, it can stand up to their claws and can be wiped clean with just a mild soap and water.  Remember our pets are home more than we are.  If they have allergies and you don’t have the right furnishings they will suffer even more than we do.

Leather Furniture Takes the Worry Out of Allergies

Long exposure to dust mites and other household creatures that can live within a fabric piece of furniture can cause watery eyes, runny nose and even worse.  If you are using leather as your seating, you won’t have to be concerned about causing pain to you or your pet.  Less vet and doctor bills and not to mention prescriptions. 

Placing your leather furniture on a wood floor is much better than carpet.  The carpet will hold dust and other airbourne particles that wood floor will not hold.  Not only do you need a clean surface for your furniture but also its surroundings. 

Allergies and Leather FurnitureLeather Furniture is Best for Allergies

Many folks and pets have allergies from not only food but from other animals and their feathers.  Many are allergic to the down feathers.  If this is you or your pet, when shopping for furniture be sure to buy a sofa or chair that does not have a down seat cushion or back pillow.  This could also cause harm to you or your pet.  Although down seating is viewed as plush and comfy for allergy sufferers it can also be torture. 

In todays furniture marketplace you will find down substitutes that act like down but do not have the feathers.  Down alternative seats and backs.  Better furniture builders will have this as an option.  Remember when ordering your new leather furniture to mention these concerns.

Allergies are the fifth-leading cause of chronic illness in the United States.  Pet dander attributes a great deal to this.  Leather does not allow pet dander to imbed in your furniture causing it to burst every time you sit down.  Same with mold spurs.  You would be surprised what lies beneath or within your upholstery fabric.  Any spill not cleaned up 100% will leave residue behind and possibly can turn into unseen mold.

The best way to prevent allergies from your furniture is to use leather.  This will reduce you and your pet’s exposure to dust, dander and mold.  If you suffer from allergies or your pet suffers you should consider switching from a fabric sofa to a leather sofa.  By far this will help minimize allergens inside your home. 

Wellington's can address all of your concerns and advise you on the safest and best options for keeping you and your pets free from the effects of detrimental products that can affect your health.

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