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The Furniture Capital of the World – Is It Really North Carolina?

Why North Carolina Is the Furniture Capitol of the World
If you want to invest in an article of designer clothing, where would you look?
You’d probably look for clothes in the designer capitals of the world, namely, New York, Paris, and Milan.
What about furniture? Is there such a thing as the Furniture Capital of the World? There is, and it’s right in North Carolina!
We’re proud to offer our customers some of the best furniture pieces in the world.
How did North Carolina become known as the Furniture Capital of the World? And is it really worth it to purchase products which are manufactured here?

North Carolina – the Furniture Capital of the World

North Carolina, particularly the town of High Point, became the Furniture Capital of the World nearly 100 years ago. 
In the late 1800s, North Carolina’s furniture industry was already successful. The reason for this is because of the abundant timber and ease of transport via the Southern Railway.
Manufacturers wanted even more, though. They wanted to expand so far and so fast they would be able to compete successfully with top furniture manufacturers in New York, Grand Rapids, and Chicago. 
In 1919, the High Point Furniture and Manufacturers Exposition companies announced they were determined to become the “foremost furniture market on this continent.”
To that end, they spent a $1 million constructing an exposition building for its first furniture show. There were 150 vendors which participated in the show which took place in 1920.
The attendance was over 700 people, all of whom came from over 100 different cities. The final tally at the end of the show revealed $2 million in sales. 
Since then, North Carolina has continued to impress people with the quality of the pieces they sell which are made from the natural resources of the area. It is for this reason, nearly 100 years later, the state has been able to hang onto their title of the Furniture Capital of the World.

Why You Should Invest in Furniture from the Furniture Capital of the World

Why would someone want to invest in furniture from the Furniture Capital of the World? 
Well, let’s think about this. Why does anyone buy designer clothes? It’s because they know they’re getting a lot for their money. 
The hours spent on the design and fabrication of those clothes is remarkable. Famed fashion designer Zac Posen once spent 12 months creating one couture gown
The point is this: Gaining the reputation as fashion or furniture capital of the world happens for a reason. People recognize the artistry, quality, and craftsmanship of the pieces.
Like we mentioned earlier – there’s a reason why North Carolina has such an amazing reputation around the world. It’s for the impeccable craftsmanship and high quality pieces sent out into the world
Are you still wondering if a couch or recliner from North Carolina is worth it?
Here’s another perk of buying from this state: it can be just as affordable – if not more so in some cases – than furniture from out of the country.
Since everything is sourced and made locally, less is spent on shipping charges and we transfer that savings onto our customers.

Wellington’s Makes it Easy to Buy High Quality Furniture Made in North Carolina 

When you buy furniture from a furniture company like Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, you can order quality furniture made in North Carolina online.
The furniture we sell is made with very strong quality timber, making it ideal for sturdy pieces of furniture
The craftspeople who make the furniture pieces work carefully to create what can equate to masterpieces in the furniture world.
We want to make your purchasing process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Besides getting super high-quality products, you can order them with ease, from the comfort of your own home. Does it get any better?
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