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Trendy Home Items That We Love

Trendy HomesThere are objects and items that we grow up with that we want to have present in our homes when we set up house to make us feel comfortable, let’s say comfort objects. Something like a leather recliner or Grandmas good china plates. Small and rather simply things just tend to bring back memories and feel good moments. Like a fire in a fireplace just warm and fuzzy feelings of days past and new memories to be made.

When growing up did you ever sit on your grandmas or granddads rocking chair on the porch and just rock? Well, if you did you would probably like to have one of your own to bring back those memories. How about a coffee mug we all have our favorites and sidewalk chalk, this was a staple in our home in the summer when it was not raining sidewalk chalk kept us busy for hours.

Refinished and Painted Furniture Trending Now

Refinished furniture or painted furniture is part of many of our lives then and now. Trending today there are many types of painted furniture being used for many applications from storage to seating. This is a popular choice no matter which type of décor you have in your home. Trending today is making the old look new and Vintage items look updated. You can find this from copper sinks to the paneling on the wall. These are all items from the past old and new that will always be a part of our lives and make us feel special.

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