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Use Your Home Office As A Guest Room

Lots of home offices are being used as multipurpose rooms when friends and family drop in. A home office is the perfect place for your guests to sleep. Unless you have company staying overnight multiple nights very often, there is no sense in dedicating an entire room for company. Using a sleeper sofa in your home office, you can still give your guests a warm and welcoming room without taking up other space in your home. Although this is your work space just add a few additional personal touches to your room and your company should be comfortable and well rested. It can be fun and easy to make a dual purpose space and save money at the same time.

Sofa Sleepers Make a Cozy Guest Room & Office Combo

Having a sofa sleeper in your office provides a place to take a break or even take a nap. Sofa sleepers come in many sizes from king all the way down to twin or even cot size.  You will have many options as far as adding a sofa sleeper to your home office space. Today mattress options include innerspring or memory foam. Sofa sleepers have now become as comfortable as our regular beds. So your guests won’t be getting the short end of the stick. To make your guests feel comfortable add pretty sheets or bed linens so when they open up the mattress it looks and feels cozy. Make sure there is amble light for reading and a solid surface for your company to put some personal items including their cell phones or jewelry. Also provide outlets for charging lap tops or phones.

The home office environment provides lots of privacy that could not be had in say a living room or den. Buy nice bright colorful throw pillows to use on the sleeper and they can also be used as a sleeping pillow. Before you order or add a sofa sleeper to your home office be sure to measure to be sure that the sleeper can open and there is room to walk around without falling over other things. Office furniture can double as bedroom furniture. Buy pieces that work for both like a lateral file can be used as a table top or because the drawers are so deep it will also work to store blankets and sheets if there is not a closet handy. File cabinets can also hold lamps for additional lighting.

It's easy to transform your home office into a guest room. It provides privacy for your guests and saves money because you only have to buy the right office furniture not bedroom furniture too. If it’s done right your guests won’t even think about sleeping in your office. Just be sure to turn down the phone and fax machine so you don’t disturb their sleep.

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