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Using Fabric And Leather TogetherWe all know there is nothing more durable, comfortable and stylish than leather furniture. But for some the cost prohibits the purchase. Now it’s all good to use both leather and fabric together on the same sofa. It’s always been a great option to mix leather and fabric within a room but now it’s the norm to mix the two on a sofa or sectional. Leather manufactures are now offering not only leathers but they are coordinating fabrics with their most popular leathers. In hues of the most popular colors like brown, blues and greys.

Leather and Fabric Sofa Sets

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or even beachy leather and fabric will give your home a new refreshing look. Beautiful pastel colors blend very well with leathers that are in the lighter hues while primary colors will add warmth and charm to your space. Leather and fabric together can be an excellent choice for performance fashion and could save a few bucks depending on the fabric you select.

Leather Furniture Manufactures

Like Bradington Young, Leathercraft and Mckinley Leather offer a wide variety of coordinating fabrics that can be used on any of their styles. Some popular ways leather and fabric are used together are leather everywhere a sofa gets the most wear like the seats and backs upholstered in top grain leather while parts that get little or nominal wear like outside arms and backs the cloth or fabric upholstery can be used. While others turn that around and use the fabric on the seats and backs and often they will welt the seats and backs with the leather that they use on the body of the furniture. This makes for a very custom well thought through look.

Designer Leather and Fabric Combination Fashionable Leather Furniture

Fabric and leather mixed sofas are becoming very common on showroom floors. With their popularity, national name brands are now offering the same on chairs, sofa sleepers and sectional sofas. The combo looks have really taken off and are now a large part of the leather industry. Some folks enjoy blending the fabrics with existing things already in their home like the same fabric as a window treatment or bedspread. This is also doable by the customer providing their own material or (COM) and choosing where they want it on the piece verses the leather.

Designer Leather Furniture

Stores like Wellington’s offer full time designers to help you select the right fabric with the right leather. Not only is it important to blend colors but it is equally important to blend textures and wear ability of the two choices. Just remember, there is not a right or wrong choice if it works for you than you’ve got this. Perhaps you haven’t thought about doing your big stuff and most used pieces like your sofa and loveseat in all top grain leather for the wear ability and then doing occasional chairs with the combo of leather/fabric. This way you keep the look of leather and the softness of the fabric spread throughout your room. 

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