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Who Makes the Best Reclining Leather Sofas?

When shopping for a new leather reclining sofa it is important to look at the construction details.  Pay close attention to the origin of the mechanisms and warranties to name a few.  There is a big difference between stationary leather sofas and reclining.

Leather sofas that recline can provide hours of unprecedented comfort and conversation.  Whether you enjoy manual recline or power recline a leather sofa set offers the most in durability and wearability.


Best American Made Brands for Reclining Leather Sofa Sets

Here are a few of our favorite brands.  Both are made in the U.S.A. and take pride in building better made leather furniture.  Both offer a multitude of styles and options for your new reclining leather sofa or sectional.

Check out Bradington Young & Omnia

Bradington Young and Omnia

Both also have matching pieces to coordinate with your new reclining sofa.  These matching pieces include recliners, reclining loveseats and even reclining sectional sofas, all made using genuine top grain cowhide.

Bradington Young - Offers a large assortment of luxury motion pieces.  These leather furniture collections are all power recline and many offer the articulating headrest.  The sofas within this collection also have matching recliner pieces that include power recline.

There are no reclining sofas that are available without the power feature.  Manual recline is only offered on Bradington Young regular standalone recliners outside of the luxury motion series. 

Here are some styles to consider from Bradington Young

Imagine SeriesDiscovery SeriesRaiden Series.
By Bradington Young

Omnia and Bradington Young


Omnia Leather Furniture – Is a versatile leather furniture line that puts great emphasis on traditional and more modern reclining sofas and loveseats.

They offer most sofas, recliners, and sectionals with stationary or recline options.  Most all recliner pieces are available with manual recline or power recliner.  Omnia Leather has so many options available with their furniture the decision will be a tough one.

You can get a leather sofa that reclines only on each end or you may upgrade to a three seat reclining sofa.  Most sofas can be manual or power recline.  Some of Omnia’s reclining sofas are even able to have the articulating headrest and power lumbar.

Each reclining sofa has matching pieces that will coordinate.  Swivel, rocker recliners and sectionals are available in the same style and color.

Some of the best sellers from Omnia Leather include:

Fairfield GroupVercelli GroupSan Juan Group.
By Omnia

Omnia Leather

Whether your style is modern or traditional either of these great furniture builders will have your look. Keeping in mind their emphasis is not only on style but comfort.  Your new reclining leather sofa cannot only look good, it must sit good!

If you would like further information on either of these American made furniture builders contact Wellington's Leather Furniture or phone 800-262-1049. 

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