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Decorate Using Crates And Wooden Boxes

Decorating With BoxesThink outside of the box! You will be amazed at what you can do with an old wood crate or box. Add a splash of color or top it off with fabric. Cluster them together to create lots of extra storage. If you enjoy shopping at antique stores or yard sales this is a really good resource for boxes and crates. The vintage look is trending and goes really well with the shabby chic look. So take an hour or two on your Saturday morning and go to the second hand store or a yard sale and see what you can find that you can turn into something special.

Decorating is not only fun but its something that just keeps giving. Every time you enter your home it should feel special and cozy. How you decorate is a part of you, it’s your style! I always feel as I enter someone else’s home that I get a much better idea for who they are by their furnishings and the colors they use. Decorating is a great way to let your inner self shine. Something that I see through my circle of friends and family is that my fun loving happy all the time friends use trendy fun colors from their front door to their lamps, rugs and other accessories. While my more reserved friends use cooler colors like greys and whites they seem afraid of decorating outside the box. Either way it works and works well.

No matter how bold or not your style is, if it feels good to you then it works. Solids, florals and strips are all excellent choices for decorating and they can all work together if they are used right. Leather furniture is solid and is a sensational choice to use with bold bright colors. Today tanneries no longer just cater to all of the brown shades of color they have color palettes that will work for everyone. Tanneries swatch boards rival those of paint companies.

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