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How is a Leathercraft Leather Sofa Better than Others?

If you're in the market for a high-quality leather sofa, Leathercraft should be your top choice.

Imagine coming home tired from work and stretching your legs on a comfortable sofa. Or cuddling with your loved one on a cozy loveseat.

But what makes Leathercraft stand out from the rest?

leather sofa

1. Using Only Top Quality Materials

Most manufacturers just leave it at - "top quality materials." But what does that even mean? How would an inexperienced buyer know what they're talking about?

Leathercraft actually lists the materials that go into their leather sofa lines:

  • Steel cross bands - for the back cushions to be placed in a sturdy frame
  • 8-way hand tied coils- individually placed
  • Corner blocks - for a sturdy sofa base, especially useful if your kids like to jump on the furniture
  • Corner springs - most sofas have hard edges that make them difficult to sit on; an edge spring makes it comfier
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames - kiln-drying prevents the frame from shrinking or distorting itself under the action of moisture
  • Top grain leather - everywhere

As you can see, Leathercraft takes its "high quality" statement quite seriously.

2. Comfort for Your Aching Back

Ever visited your grandparents in the country? Did they have one of those old-fashioned sofas with a really hard back and even tougher cushions?

Nothing kills your back more than those; that's for sure. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this with a Leathercraft leather sofa.

No more getting stung by feather quills. Don't you hate it when that happens? You just wanted to sit down and watch the game on TV, and now your own sofa betrayed you.

Leathercraft fills their cushions with quill-less feathers. You could also go for fiber filling if you're allergic.

Of course, some of you might prefer the seat to be firmer. That's especially true if you have trouble getting up from a soft seat. Leathercraft offers that option, too.

3. Have Kids or Pets? A Leathercraft Leather Sofa Is Easy to Clean

If you have children, buying a fabric sofa is basically economic suicide. It won't take long for some small sticky fingers to ruin the fabric. And believe us when we say you won't be able to clean it up.

Pets are another nightmare to take care of. With a leather sofa, you can quickly wipe the pet hair off. It's much easier to take care of Leathercraft sofas even when you have your little friends running around the house.

Properly taken care of, you can get a good 40 years of use out of your Leathercraft product. Just clean twice a year with a good leather cleaner, and you'll be okay.

leather sofa

4. Show Your Clients You Mean Business

Does anyone here love House of Cards? You might not have known, but Leathercraft features their furniture in the series!

Speaking of business, ever noticed how comfy the sofas in hotel lobbies and casinos are? You guessed it - Leathercraft provides alot of those as well.  

If you're a company owner, your guests and customers will surely appreciate feeling comfortable. After all, doing business is already tense enough without having to sit in a hard-seated chair.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for the chance to sit in style like Frank Underwood from House of Cards!

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