Leather Furniture With Adjustable HeadrestIn today’s marketplace, you will find many new options in fine leather seating. The articulating headrest is the newest and most popular by far. This is a power recliner or sofa that also has an adjustable headrest that allows you to find your sweet spot. These leather power recliner chairs and sofas are completely adjustable with just the push of a button. Find the most comfortable spot for your back, then recline and focus on your head. These double feature chairs and leather sofas are now the double header in leather furniture. This new technology in the industry is the ULTIMATE in comfort and style.

Power Headrest Recliners

American made leather recliners with a power option and articulating headrest are found both in modern and traditional furniture styles. We all know leather furniture is smooth like butter and only gets better with use. Contemporary designs are sleek and up to date, while traditional recliner chairs carry a look of heritage and tradition. Because the control buttons are located on the inside arm only you know it’s a recliner chair. This is performance furniture that is built to last.

Furniture Made In The USABuilt to last and made the old-fashioned way. Quality leather furniture from North Carolina. Custom furniture building is an art often passed down from generation to generation. The artisans that build furniture in North Carolina are skilled in their craft. You can expect quality built NC furniture to last for decades instead of just a few short years. These craftsmen and women take tremendous pride in their expertise and it shows in the finished product. From building the frame to upholstering the sofa, hands on is always better than machine made.

Long standing leather furniture manufacturers like Leathercraft, Classic Leather and McKinley Leather Furniture are just a few of the North Carolina furniture builders that feature this type of hands on furniture construction.

It’s a different mindset. The men and women that build high end furniture in North Carolina are often one of many generations within the same family that have passed their skill onto their children, sisters or brothers. Often one person has one specific job that they do within the furniture building process.

Comfortable Leather FurnitureWhen you think of a leather sofa or sectional you think of comfort, quality and design. Leather furniture is made for comfort just like your favorite pair of leather shoes or that leather purse you have had for years. Leather furniture is durable and a good investment. A quality leather set will last for decades. Premium cowhide is the most durable fabric used for making upholstered furniture. Durability, longevity and comfort at a reasonable price consider Wellington’s when looking for leather furniture.

We all work hard and when it comes time to relax there is nothing better than the comfort of a piece of leather furniture. It is said that a man’s best friend is his dog but for many it’s his leather recliner. If you’re an equestrian enthusiast you are familiar with the comfort of a genuine leather saddle. Easy care and every time you use it you can expect it to get even more comfortable. That’s the beauty of leather furniture.

Top Brands of Leather Furniture

Comfortable leather furniture comes in all shapes and sizes from comfortable traditional styling to a more modern look. When you are shopping for brands look to the best American made furniture manufacturers to enjoy the highest quality with the most comfort. As you begin your search be sure to look at brands like:

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Tufting furniture properly is a skill that takes patience and a good eye. Hand tufted furniture is timeless and made to last for decades. Tufting adds visual interest to your furniture and prevents it from losing its shape over time, keeping you supported and comfortable year after year. Whatever your style, tufted furniture adds elegance and sophistication to your space.

Tufted Chesterfield Sofas

The Chesterfield furniture style dates to the 1600’s in Europe. The style remains very much the same as when the first one was commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. The signature look includes its distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and low seat base. Earl requested a local craftsman to construct a piece of furniture that would allow a gentleman to sit upright in the utmost of comfort allowing sitting without wrinkling his garment.

Comfort and traditional styling was the original purpose of the Chesterfield sofa. Still today you will find the deep buttoned leather upholstery, large rolled arms, equal back and arm height and always handset nail head trim. A true Chesterfield sofa design will carry the characteristics established way back when. If carried for properly your leather Chesterfield sofa will retain its distinguished charm for decades.

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For generations now, leather products have been known for their quality, style, and durability. With the advent of technology and the presence of chemically synthesized fabric and other materials, leather products have still kept their place at the top of the pile.

You are guaranteed comfort and class when you buy leather furniture.  A leather sofa is perfect for any home, be it a modern or a classic house. They come in all designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. There are several advantages you will get when you buy a leather sofa, so we will take a look at the eight leather sofas options that are both comfortable and functional for you and your lifestyle.


1. Prescott Leather Sofa

The Prescott Leather Sofa is the perfect match for your new home. With an air of elegance and class, the Prescott Leather Sofa provides comfort for you at any time of the day. You immediately feel the stress of the day melt away into the sofa as soon as you sink into it.

Options like nail head trim and a warm caramel color will beautifully accent any living room. The Prescott Leather Sofa is marked with over arm cushions attached to fluffy seat cushions, solely to provide you with the needed comfort. The arms are placed at a downward angle with wide panels attached along the seat panel to increase the stability.

4 Inspired Tips for Using Square Leather Cocktail Ottomans in Your Home

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Ottomans are functional and attractive pieces of furniture that come in a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes.  Notably used as a multifunctional bench for spare seating and foot stool capabilities, ottomans are also used as makeshift coffee tables.  Many ottomans also feature unique design functions like hinged lids that open to large, hidden storage spaces that can house magazines, books, shoes, and spare pillows.

One of the more popular ottoman styles today is the square-shaped leather upholstered ottoman.  Offering a chic and polished look to any living room, square leather ottomans are worthy investments that can offer a plethora of storage and design opportunities. 

Read on below to learn an array of inspired ways to use your own ottoman to perfectly punctuate and accentuate the look and feel of your home. 

4 Inspired Ways To Use Square Leather Ottomans

Adding Color and Textural Contrast To Rooms

Ottomans constructed of leather add instant luxury and appeal to the rooms they are situated in.  Soft, upholstered leather gives an opulent feel that is richly distinctive.  Leather provides a textural profile to the other materials found in home-décor such as canvas, linen, silk, and more. 

The color of your ottoman can create a huge difference in the overall proportions of the room it’s in and can serve to create the illusion of a bigger or small living space.  Use an all-black leather ottoman as a way to create a stunning visual focal point within a room, or consider a neutral colored ottoman in a beige or cream hue to add just the right finishing touch.

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Leather has been a cherished commodity for centuries, sought after for its inherently favorable properties. Its enduring popularity throughout the years has ensured leather’s staying power in homes worldwide.  A top choice of home decorators everywhere, leather is the preferred choice for those desiring beautiful furniture featuring the highest levels of quality and functionality.  

Among the many choices available for leather furniture, it is leather chairs that are becoming increasingly popular with home decorators. An excellent way to add contrasting texture, color, and polish to any room, leather chairs are a great way to showcase this beautiful material.

With their expensive good looks and classy appeal, leather chairs are simultaneously cozy, modern, and tasteful, offering the utmost level of sophistication. Read below to learn more about the many advantages and benefits of owning a leather chair. 

Arizona Leather FurnitureArizona is a warm, rather a hot state and so is the Arizona leather sofa and sectional group at Wellington’s fine leather furniture. This leather furniture collection is one of our top sellers and made in the USA. This is a furniture set you can customize to fit your mood and your space. A nice tall back that offers plenty of full support and a good comfy seat for pleasurable TV viewing. Don’t overlook the tremendous rolled arms that offer up that designer look and are the perfect height for your arm or use as a pillow while lying down. Sitting or resting this is your best bet for practical, comfortable, functional leather furniture.

Arizona Leather Sofas And Sectionals

As your browse through the Arizona Leather Collection you will discover why this is such a popular style of leather furniture. Although a common look, it has more attention to detail than most furniture groups. Simply stated and built for comfort. Dress it up or dress it down. This leather set also offers a leather tilt back chair and matching ottoman, which is a European inspired design that gives the look of a recliner chair without the pop up footrest.

Arizona Leather Designer Styles For Less

This designer inspired leather group is very versatile. The pieces available include a sleeper sofa, recliner and loveseat. The sofa sleeper is a queen size with plenty of room for two comfortably. The chair options include a stationary leather club chair, tilt back chair with ottoman and a leather recliner you can get with power or manual recline.

When you are shopping for a high-quality leather sofas be sure to look at Leathercraft. They are a family owned and managed leather furniture company based in western North Carolina. For over 40 years they have been building superior leather sofas and chairs. Leathercraft offers hundreds of choices in top grain premium leathers and fabrics that offer a picture-perfect balance. Leather Furniture not only brings your room together but it brings families together.

Leathercraft Furniture

Leather Sofa Set

1) Durability

  • Genuine leather and full-grain leather last longer than faux leather and other leather substitutes.

  • If maintained properly, the leather furniture should last 10–15 years or more.

  • Depending on the quality or type of leather used, the surface of the leather can be hard to puncture or tear.

  • Wear and tear are less likely to show and will contribute to the patina, the slow aging process of genuine leather made products.

  • Top grain cowhide will give you the best wear.


2) Frame

The frame should be made with kiln-dried hardwoods such as maple, birch, alder, oak, beech, or poplar to provide the needed strength and durability to the furniture. Soft woods like pine, plywood, and wood that is not kiln-dried are not recommended because they are not good for durability and often contain moisture.

The interlocking corners should be reinforced with wooden corner blocks, glued, and either bolted or screwed into place. The three main ways the wood parts should be joined is either finger joint, double dowelled, or mortise and tenon.

The Major Benefits of Owning a Classic Leather Sofa

Classic Leather Furniture


The strength of real leather and how the leather sofa or leather sectional sofa is constructed gives it a long lasting durability. The best leather is genuine top-grain leather. Faux leather isn't very durable in comparison and vinyl/bonded leathers deteriorate in a short span of time making them a waste of money. As long as the genuine leather is maintained well and kept away from sharp objects (just as you should a cloth sofa) and direct sunlight exposure, the leather sofa will last for a very long time. In fact, leather is so reliable that it can outlast at least three to four fabric sofas in the same span of time.

If you have pets or children, then it is recommended to go for the pigmented leather since it has an excellent protective coating, is tough to puncture, and is very easy to clean/care for. Another type of leather recommendation is to get protected aniline since it will have a protective coat added. This allows you to have the best of both worlds, have your pets and your luxurious leather sofa.


The type of leather used, type of inner coil suspension, and the type of wood used to make the frame are what give your leather sofa that long-lasting lifespan. The quality of a classic leather sofa is what makes it a good investment. Aniline is the most recommended for top-quality leather furniture, especially on a classic leather sofa. For those who need something that can be a little more stain resistant try semi-aniline or protected aniline, this type has an added protective coating that seals it and prevents staining.

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.