big and tall recliners

4 Tips for Finding the Best Big and Tall Recliner

We all come in different shapes and sizes. 
But it seems like a lot of furniture manufacturers don’t recognize this. Or, they simply forget about it when designing and fabricating their furniture. 
And unfortunately, it’s a problem. It seems like a lot of furniture is trying to fit a “one-size-fits-all” ideal, but this is impossible. Have you ever tried to sit in a recliner which was way too small? It’s really uncomfortable. 
Most of us show a measure of concern over whether our workspace and tools are ergonomically correct. Why shouldn’t our living space be just as functional and comfortable?
Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten there are big and tall people out there who want to be comfortable when they sit down and relax for a bit.
Here are some tips which will help you find the best recliner for your shape and size.


sectionsl_sofas_for_small_spaces Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture
Whether you live in a small space by choice or because of circumstances, one thing is for sure: They aren’t always easy to furnish. 
Not only are you limited to how much you can fit into each room – you’re limited to the size of your furniture pieces.  
This can make shopping for furniture difficult, especially when you have a specific piece in mind – like the awesome sectional sofa you’ve been eyeing lately. 
If you’re like most people, though, you probably put the idea of a sectional out of your mind. There’s no way something like this would fit in your small space, right?
Actually, we like to think anything is possible. You just have to think outside the box a bit. 
Sofa_vs__Sectional_Couch Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture
It’s time to buy a new sofa. This is an exciting prospect. The couch is one of the focal pieces within a living space. It can make your space look luxurious, cozy, and inviting.
While the idea of shopping for a couch is exciting at first, it can quickly become overwhelming simply because of all of the choices you have. 
For example, should you get a traditional sofa, or should you invest in a sectional? This should probably be the first question you ask. Once you have this figured out, then you can focus on color, material, and overall style. 

Cleaning and Conditioning Leather FurnitureYou have invested in high quality leather furniture? It’s so easy to extend the life of your new sofa or sectional with very little effort. Cleaning and conditioning your new leather furniture should become part of your routine. Always dust it when you dust your other furniture but if you have hard spills or your leather feels dry, clean it with a soft cleaner then add a little conditioner.

Although leather breaths naturally through it pours it too can become dry just as our skin does when exposed to the elements. Leather stays soft by taking in the water droplets from the air. If you keep your home hot or live in a part of the country that is very dry your leather furniture needs a little TLC occasionally.

Power Recliners vs. Manual Recliners Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture
There comes a time in nearly every person’s life when they decide it’s time to invest in a recliner. But now we have more options than ever before, which can make the recliner-buying process overwhelming.
Should you choose leather or some other material? Should you choose an overstuffed, comfy chair, or one which is streamlined and modern?
Or how about this: Should you choose a manual or electric recliner?
This is what we’re going to discuss today. We’re going to tell you about the difference between the electric recliner (also known as the power recliner) and manual recliners. We’ll also provide you some tips for how to choose the best chair for your space.

Sofa Measurement Why You Should Do It and How to Do It Right Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture
You’ve finally found the perfect sofa. You’re beyond-the-moon happy. The color, shape, and material fit your style sense and existing décor wonderfully. 
Happily, you plop your money down and schedule a delivery. Then, you wait anxiously until delivery day arrives. 
You’re on pins and needles, and nearly jump out of your skin with excitement when you hear the loud motor of the delivery truck. Two delivery people hop out and lug your prized possession up your walkway. 
Suddenly, your heart sinks. The sofa doesn’t fit through your front door. Or, maybe it does, but its size makes it look awkward in your living space. 
This is just one reason why it is so important we all learn to measure furniture properly. Doing this can prevent a lot of frustration and heartache. 
Read on to find out how to measure your sofa to make sure it fits through the door and in your living space.

Leather Is The Best For FamiliesLeather is the most durable and functional upholstery available for furniture building. There is nothing softer and more functional to sit on than genuine leather. Sofas and sectionals are popular for living room furniture and when upholstered using top grain cowhide you know it's going to last for decades.

Leather recliners and reclining sofas covered in leather have been the best sellers in the motion category for years. Now with the new emphasis on luxury motion pieces with power recline and the articulating headrests leather recliner chairs have hit an all-time high in consumer sales.

Luxury Leather Reclining Sofas And Chairs

Livable luxury furniture made from high end leather is no longer used for entertaining only it is now a way of life for many that want to enjoy quality, durable furniture. Why only use the good china for guests? More homes don’t have formal rooms anymore. We now see more homes with open floor plans that allow gatherings of family and friends in a more relaxed situation. Entertaining is more casual, and leather can be casual, and you will find it is durable and easy to clean. No reason to worry about spilling food or drink when performance upholstery like leather can take the worry out of everyday living.

Real Leather FurnitureIf you are in the market for a new genuine leather sofa there are a few things that will make your shopping experience better. First, do your homework and read The Definitive Guide To Buying Leather Furniture. This is a compressive read that will outline from start to finish how to be sure what you are buying is real top grain leather along with other furniture buying tips.

All leather is not equal: The top grain which is the first and top cut from the hide is the most desirable not only for its durability but also its natural life story. The second cut is called the split cut. This is used more often for shoes, belts or parts of furniture that you will not come in contact with as you use your leather sofa or chair. These second cut pieces if used for upholstering furniture are mostly used on an outside back or outside arm. This cut is much less expensive, much stiffer and exhibits more of a synthetic look.

Leather Industry Word Terminology

Over the years the leather furniture industry has come up with some terms for leather that you should get familiar with before your start shopping for leather sofas and sectionals. Authentic leather should have grain, smell wonderful and suede should be on the underside. If you don’t see this then it's time to move on. Some of the words used to describe leather in stores can be bonded leather, leather Ette or pleather. These are not the genuine article. Tricks used on showroom floors can be calling say a recliner all leather when in fact only where you sit, and touch is top grain leather while everywhere else is bonded, split or other. It is true that bonded and split hides are leather but not what you want on your furniture. Nothing wears like genuine leather. Don’t fall for the low price and thinking you will be buying a quality leather furniture piece. You get what you pay for!

Leather_Furniture_Trends_2018 Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

Every year there are new trends. This goes for nearly every industry.

There are fashion trends, business trends, beauty trends, and food trends – just to name a few.

Even the furniture industry sees new trends each year.  

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your living space in the coming year, you should be let in on the latest trends.

Maybe one (or more) of them will speak to you and be the fresh idea you’ve been searching for.


Faux Leather Furniture

We all want to save money whenever we can. In some cases, this leads us to cut corners which probably shouldn’t be cut.
At other times, the pros and cons don’t seem to be as clear as we would like.
Regardless of whatever kind of decision we need to make, the fact is we need to do our homework so we can make the best choice possible.
This is as true of investing in stocks and bonds as it is for buying furniture.
For instance, when it comes to large pieces – like a sofa, sectional, or chair – should you only invest in 100% leather?
Or, is faux leather an acceptable alternative?

Modern Leather FurnitureModern furniture made using genuine leather is a very popular choice for contemporary decor. Stylish up to date furniture fashions for the person that prefers a crisp, clean look of today’s styles. Modern has found its way into blending with more traditional looks. A leather chesterfield sofa blends very well with modern tables and chairs. A tufted leather sofa is timeless and adds a warm look to your modern or contemporary home.

Contemporary Furniture Designs

Contemporary or modern furniture is trendy but when used with some solid staples like a wing chair or solid pillow sofa the two styles can blend to finish your room with plenty of style and texture. Mixing styles and textures creates lots of interests. Solids, prints and strips can all be used together when it is done right. Grey is by far the most popular new color that is being used in both traditional and modern rooms. Charcoal grey colors can blend very well with lighter shades of grey. Bold bright colors also add to the overwhelming popularity of grey. Most all bold colors on the color wheel add drama to grey and modern furniture. Be sure to incorporate the mix of bright colors and patterns throughout your room to draw attention through your entire space. You can also use wall paint to accent your modern look. The colors you use on your furniture will dictate the wall color but cool colors are always a safe bet.

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.