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Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture


Leather is the perfect choice for folks looking for the best furniture for them and their pets. Nothing beats the easy maintenance and wonderful smell of new leather furniture. Leather furniture is an investment that keeps giving back year after year.

Our pets are part of the family. Did you know that 79% of pet owners consider their pet when choosing a home or apartment. 82% of us consider the household dog or cat when we buy furniture. That is a lot of households that consider their pets as part of their family.


Leather sofas and sectionals are perfect for active households and homes with animals. Leather can take what your pets
can dish out. The key is to buy leather furniture that has a good degree of protection.

Leather holds no odor when spills happen and you can simply wipe it clean with a mild soap and water solution. No worries about stains, spills, fur, or odor. Leather is the perfect upholstery for every lifestyle. It can be elegant or casual. Leather is the best upholstery material for everything furniture.

Finished Leathers Are Best for Pets

Always buy top grain leather and make sure it is a finished leather, semi-aniline, or protected leather because these are the easiest to keep clean. Pure aniline leathers are not suited for pets unless you really like the worn look. Pure aniline leather will show scratches and spills and if exposed to a lot of oily spills will darken the hides. Many dog and cat foods contain fish oil that will soak into the pure aniline hides. Only consider pure aniline leather if you like a worn look much like a bomber jacket.

69% of us allow our dogs to sit on our living room furniture. This includes sofas, sectionals, and chairs. 88% of cat owners allow their feline companions to enjoy the furniture. Studies also show we allow our animals to share our beds. All interesting facts!

The largest number of furniture shoppers are looking for genuine leather or performance fabrics for their great room furniture. Any room that has a lot of use should consider using either of those options. Performance fabric like leather can easily be cleaned. Although most prefer leather because of its priceless beauty.

Dogs, cats, and kids are hard on furniture, no one will dispute this known fact. When considering new furniture for your home, make the right choice and invest in high quality leather furniture that will last for decades.

Using a performance fabric for accents and even dining chairs will save a lot of headaches when it comes to cleaning up. Since leather is more of a solid color perhaps use a pattern or floral for your fabric to add additional color to your space.

Buying quality furniture that lasts is an excellent investment that will give back for decades.

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