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Are you looking for the softest most natural leather for your new leather sofa?  If you are, a pure aniline leather is what you are looking for.  Pure aniline leathers are just as the words say, they are pure, natural and are as unique as your fingerprints.

No two pure aniline leathers will ever be the same.  Uniquely different yet paired with several different hides from the same dye-lot to create a beautiful leather sofa that will provide you years of unprecedented comfort and the look of luxury.


Investing in pure aniline leather furniture is well worth it.  Although it is pricey it will provide you with decades of use.  This is the perfect leather for the real leather enthusiast.

What is a Pure Aniline Leather?

These hides are left in their most natural state.  No buffing or hiding scars, just untouched leather cowhides.  Understanding the natural look of these leathers is step one.  Customers that ask for the best and most expensive leathers need to understand you are going to see insect marks, barbwire strokes, tick burs, urine burns or even stretch marks.

There is nothing done to cover up or camouflage these natural markings that are expected with pure aniline leathers.  We had a customer refuse an entire living room group because she said the leather looked used.  She wanted the best and most expensive leather when she purchased and we thought she understood the natural range markings and characteristics of these raw hides. Obviously, she was not the customer for these leathers. She thought more expensive meant more protected. These one of a kind hides are reserved for folks that can appreciate differences in texture, shading and grain.

Is a Pure Aniline Leather Right for You?

Whether you are a leather connoisseur or not, a pure aniline leather could be the perfect type of leather for you.  Although many folks think it is delicate, it’s not.  Leather is leather!  Although no protection has been applied to these hides they will last as long as any finished or protected leather.

Pure aniline leathers work well for some and not for others.  This is the leather for you if you like a worn look like a bomber jacket.  This is a leather that will have a wear story.  Change is part of the beauty!

Unlike a finished leather, pure aniline leathers will change with use. 

For example:  A protected leather can be wiped off if you spill and most of the time you will never be reminded of it because it will wipe clean.  A pure aniline leather might darken where you spill or if you wipe your spill up with water it may leave a water ring. 

This is considered the beauty of these leathers.  Scratches, stains, and dark patches are a part of these hides.  Take time to look through the pictures with this blog and you will see a few examples of these unique and expensive leathers.

The most premium of top grain leather cow hides are reserved for these pure aniline leathers.  These leathers can be sourced from domestic cows as well as cows abroad.  Your finer tanneries will use only hides from Europe where the cows live above the tree line to avoid mosquitos and are raised free-range to avoid barbwire marks.

These amazing leathers work with any décor.  Traditional or modern, these awesome leathers look great.  They work well on modern sofas because of their softness and just as well on a traditional chesterfield sofa.  Versatile, fashionable, and functional pure aniline leathers just work!

A small percentage of tanneries only use bovine hides for their pure aniline hides to avoid stretch marks that female cows often have.  Although many customers that buy pure aniline hides find the stretch marks to be part of the beauty of these hides.

Pure aniline leathers are used for many other items other than leather furniture.  You will find it used for finer handbags, saddles, boots, and even first-class seats on airplanes.

No matter where a pure aniline leather is used, it will be admired because of its beauty!

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