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Choose the Best Sofa Cushions - Firm Foam, Soft Down or Springs? We Break it Down!

Choose The Best Seat Cushion for Leather Furniture

When considering a new sofa let’s first look at what it is used for, sitting!  A comfortable or uncomfortable seat cushion can make or break the comfort of your new sofa.  A beautiful leather sofa is good to no one if it doesn’t have a comfortable sit. 

There are many considerations when shopping for new furniture.  First, think about any health issues that may need to be addressed with a seat cushion.  Examples of subjects to consider would be hip or joint pain and even your age.  As we get older many seniors like a firmer seat cushion that allows them to get up easier.  Sitting more on the top of the seat cushion helps them get up without struggle.

Leather Furniture Seat Cushions

Younger furniture shoppers tend to like a plush, sink into sit.  The upholstery you choose for your new sofa also plays into the comfort of your seats.  If you want a firmer sit then choose an upholstery fabric or leather that is not that supple.  This will allow the core and the upholstery fabric to work together to keep the firmness.

If you like the plush look and feel look for something soft like a chenille or top grain leather that has been milled and tumbled for softness.  These choices will have some give that will allow a small amount of stretching that will give you the soft and plush seat you are looking for.

Some seat cushion options to consider are:

High Resiliency Foam Cushion

Poly Fiber – Easy to control the density from plush to firm or even extra firm.  This type of seat cushion is available for most sofas from a 1.8 density all the way up to a 2.5.  This is an inexpensive flexible option.

Spring Fiber Cushion

Spring Fiber – This is an excellent choice for folks looking for just the right amount of firmness with springs encased within foam for added resiliency.  A deep firm support.

Down Topper Cushion

Down Topper – Down is placed on top of either poly fiber or springs or both.  The down keeps just the right amount of softness and lets what’s below dictate the amount of firmness.

Ultra Spring Down Cushion

Ultra- Spring Down – Springs wrapped with high resiliency foam, then topped with down.

Leather Furniture Cushion Options

There are many things to consider when trying to decide on your new sofa or sectional.  Seating should be at the top of your list.  After all your living room is the family gathering spot and will be used often.  You can get the look and comfort you’re after with the perfect sit by doing a small amount of homework.

A well-made sofa that offers cushion options is the perfect gathering spot and entertaining essential. 

If you have questions about the right seating for your new leather sofa or sectional reach out to Wellington's leather furniture experts to help ensure your sofa is perfect for your needs!

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