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You have decided to buy a new leather sofa.  Great choice!  Nothing is more practical or lasts longer than well-made leather furniture.  There are numerous brands that are made in America and outside of the United States.  The quality of the leather furniture will vary tremendously from one region to another.  From the leather to the construction techniques used to build.American made is always preferred if you can swing it.


Other differences to consider are in the construction.  Which is best for you and your budget?  8-way hand-tied or sinuous construction.  Sinuous will always cost less because there is always less handwork involved in building.  8-way hand-tied is the original way upholstered furniture was built.  Each side argues their option is the best.  Again, it is down to style and budget.

Let’s take a closer look at style options…….

The classic leather sofa can be either a Chesterfield or pillow back pub style. These are the looks most associated with the old hunt clubs in the UK.  Eclectic is the new norm.  Mixing styles and colors are stylish and acceptable.  It brings lots of interest to your room.

Leather Sofa Styles to Consider Include

The Classic Chesterfield Sofa

Known for its classy look and hand-tufting.  The Chesterfield leather sofas in the past have always been considered a traditional favorite but not anymore.  The Chesterfield leather sofa has made a comeback and not just in traditional homes but in more modern homes.  Brown is no longer the only color you see these handsome sofas displayed.  Pastels can change the entire look of these comfortable, classic favorites.

Many higher-end furniture brands are changing up the Chesterfield sofa to offer pillow seats rather than tufted and loose tufting.  A great new twist on an older established style.

The Mid-Century Leather Sofa

This classic sofa design combines clean, well-defined lines.  Mid-century can work with all designs.  Traditional, modern and everywhere in between. These leather sofas can be very plain and chic or well defined with repeating patterns.

You can find interest in the seating options.  Keep the seat tight to follow the clean lines or you can do a lightly tufted bench seat.  If you want the sofa to appear to be smaller for smaller rooms, do a 2-seat cushion option rather than 3 seats.  Or even consider a channel tight seat.  This offers a new twist to this once considered modern style.

Modern Leather Sofas

Modern designs work best in more modern spaces.  Modern can include lots of pillows and soft down seats or it can be defined as crisp, straight lines with metal legs.  Nothing says contemporary must fit a certain style. 

Modern or contemporary leather furniture can give your room an uplift or a more updated look.  There are also many options for motion seating that includes reclining sofas and chairs that were once not available with a more modern look.

Modern leather furniture is practicable, comfortable and can add interest to any space.  Modern and mid-century can blend well together if done right.

Reclining Leather Sofas

This option of leather sofa is perfect for smaller rooms that cannot hold both a recliner and reclining sofa.  It really is the best of both worlds.  These are available with manual recline, plug in power or even a battery pack.

Most offer only end recline but some American leather furniture builders are now offering a middle seat recline option.  Lumbar and an articulating headrest are finding their way into the marketplace and bring additional comfort options.  As a convenience they have USB plug in and charging.  This style of leather sofa might be just what you need to find your ultimate style and comfort. 

Leather Sofa Sleepers

Great for guests and no one knows it’s there.  Perfect for guests or extended family and ideal for open floor plans.  Since these leather sofas are so popular there are many mattress options available.

Some to consider.  The regular innerspring mattress with a pop up TV headrest.  Memory foam gel or even an air mattress.  Sofa sleepers of today offer comfort at the level we would consider sleeping on every night.  No more back bars or squeaky springs.  Todays sofa sleepers are made for a good night’s sleep.

An excellent option for friends, family and guests that want to crash at your place.  Why not offer them any of these comfortable options?

Leather Sectional Sofas

These are the bomb for large families, they offer lots of seating and a great use of floor space.  I use mine as a room divider between the kitchen and open living room.  It is a way to fill lots of space and utilize your floor plan for the optimum seating for bigger families.

Sectional sofas make a bold statement and are perfect for your open floor plan. 

They come in every possible design and color of leather.  You can also choose from stationary or reclining sectional sofas.  I like stationary because we use our leather ottoman in front of the sectional that also serves as a table.  When you get the reclining sectional, you really cannot use a table.

Hopefully these leather furniture options have been helpful for you to make the right decision for your new leather sofa or sectional sofa.  For more information, please contact the leather furniture experts at Wellington's Leather Furniture or call 843-557-1000.


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