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Leather swatches are a great tool when you are shopping for leather furniture.  They represent the leather color that will be used to upholster your new leather sofa. Color swatches are used for the color of the leather, not the grain.  The grain pattern will vary based on where the cut is taken.

Since you have received some of our free leather samples, you have visited our website.  Use them like you would your leather furniture.  If your concern is a scratch, then scratch them.  A certain stain or spill, try it.  Use them to help you choose what leather is best for your lifestyle.


Remember leather is a natural product and no two hides will ever be the exact same.  Manufacturers are trained in pairing the hides that match the best out of the same dye-lot for building leather furniture.

Larger leather samples are available for your viewing if needed.  Also, Wellington's can send you a current cutting from the dye-lot that will be used for producing your new leather sofa or chair.  This is a perfect way to test the leather and view the current color lot once again.

We also encourage you to phone our leather experts to help assist you select the perfect leather you will love for decades.   

Differences in Leather Grain

Since leather is not man-made the grain is random and natural.  You will see more grain around the shoulders of the cow and neck area then you will see around the belly area.  American made

leather furniture builders try to use the smoother grain taken from the belly of the animal when upholstering leather furniture.

In female cows there often are stretch marks from carrying calves, these are considered a natural part of leather and not viewed as a defect.  These supple natural markings ensure that you are receiving the top grain of the leather vs a split which is the second cut below and not nearly as nice as the top grain.

Finished Leathers

Some leathers are finished to display a uniform color while others have shade variations.  It is a personal preference.  These differences in no way have a bearing on the quality or durability of leather.  The most important part of leather is that it is a top grain cowhide.  This is the most used leather for leather furniture.  Anything else is inferior and will not wear as well or as long.

Some leathers are finished with a matte finish while others have a glisten or shine applied.  Leather finish is a personal preference.  Although the finishes are different matte vs shine, they will wear the same.

Keep in mind the smaller the swatch samples the darker the color.  Once your sectional or sofa is upholstered the color will appear lighter than the swatch in hand.

Unprotected or Pure Aniline Leathers

Pure aniline leathers are much different than a finished leather.  These leathers often have a softer hand and will scratch much easier than a protected hide.  Pure aniline leathers will have a wear story.  They will change on the daily with use unlike the protected leathers that do not change with use. 

Although pure aniline leather is soft and considered a more natural look they do not work for most lifestyles.  Protected leathers are far more popular than those that are not protected.  Pure  aniline leathers look very much like a worn bomber jacket.  These are sometimes considered more of a cowboy leather while the protected hides are considered more practical and more affordable.

Pure aniline leathers are beautiful in the proper space.  This look is very hard to duplicate using a protected leather.

Leather Care

After your selection of a leather has been made here are some basic leather care tips:

Always keep your leather furniture dust and dirt free.  Dust or vacuum with a soft brush.  Handle spills as they happen, don’t delay the cleanup.  Never rub or scrub your leather sofa. 

For protected leathers use a clean color fast cloth or a sponge with a small amount of water for sticky spills.  Never saturate or you could cause a water ring.

For pure aniline leathers blot with a color fast towel and feather it outwards to prevent a water ring.

You can also purchase leather cleaner and conditioner that is endorsed by most tanneries and will work safely on all leather types, other than nubuck leathers.

DO NOT use solvent or any product including solvents to clean leather furniture.  This will void any remaining warranties you might have.

Please feel free to phone any of our leather furniture experts @ 800-262-1049 for answers to any of your leather questions or to receive FREE leather samples.

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9am until 6pm Eastern time.



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