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Why You Should Buy A New Leather Sofa

Why You Should Buy A Leather Sofa

Leather sofas and sectionals are often viewed as high maintenance.  This is not accurate information.  Leather sofas are very easy to care for.  A loved leather sofa will last for decades, just like your favorite plant when you keep it hydrated, it will stay green and beautiful. 

Real top grain leather takes in the moisture from the air keeping it soft and supple through the years. New leather sofas or sectional sofas are a great investment in quality home furniture that is beautiful to admire and durable to use.


Leather Sofas are Easy to Clean

We suggest dusting your leather furniture when you dust your other furniture in your room.  Use a leather cleaner for any spills.  Conditioner should be used a few times per year to add additional moisture to the leather.

When following these few easy steps you will keep your leather sofa looking new for decades.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Is Leather Durable?

Yes, leather is the strongest sheet material known to man.  Leather has been and continues to be used for not only upholstering leather furniture but saddles, shoes, belts and other items that need the strength of real leather.  You cannot rip leather and it will not tear.  No other upholstery fabric can say the same.  Leather is the most durable for furniture.

Durable Leather Furniture

Leather is Hypoallergenic and Does Not Hold in Odors

Families that have members with allergies know how important it is to have less dust in your home.  For folks that suffer from allergy related health issues it can make for a terrible day to be using your furniture and find your eyes watering or sneezing from the furniture you sit on.

Leather furniture is also the best for easy clean with no odors.  Spills can happen on any sofa but when you own a leather sofa there is no stress.  Unlike cloth sofas leather will repel liquids and spills rather than soaking them in like regular upholstery.

No worries with kids or pets.  Leather furniture can take it!  Wipe away spills, pet hair and odors then sit back and relax and admire your great decision to buy leather furniture for your home.

Buying a Leather Sofa - Easy to Clean

Genuine Top Grain Leather Couch Designs

Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture has been selling all the best brands of American made leather furniture for almost three decades.  Within our vast inventory you will find traditional sofa designs, sectionals and sleepers to fit your style.  Family and guests will enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home on your made in the U.S.A. leather furniture.

Wellington’s Leather Furniture sofas and sectionals are simple to maintain and only get better with use.  A new leather sofa is the perfect addition to your home.  Refined and unparalleled luxury you’ll cherish for years in your living room, office or den.

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