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Get Ready to Redecorate in the New Year: Hot Leather Furniture Trends of 2021

Every year there are new trends. This goes for nearly every industry.

There are fashion trends, business trends, beauty trends, and food trends – just to name a few.

Even the furniture industry sees new trends each year.  

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your living space in the coming year, you should be let in on the latest trends.

Maybe one (or more) of them will speak to you and be the fresh idea you’ve been searching for.


Leather Furniture Trends to Watch for In the New Year

Trends – some of them we’re all proud of, while others make us question our sanity at times.

We all like to be seen as trendy, but none of us want to ever be considered a victim of the latest trend. This is why it’s important to know which trends are going to serve you best.

Leather trends, for instance, can serve you well. They can provide you with beautiful, long-lasting pieces.

On the other hand, you might end up with pieces you can’t seem to get rid of fast enough. Yes, you can feel this way – even with something as high-quality as leather.

One of the leather furniture trends of 2020 is colorful leather pieces.

This can be a great addition to a space which feels bland or in need of a wow factor.  Bright  colored leather can definitely add some flare and dimension to a room. But there are some things you need to watch for.

For instance, the color itself should be chosen with care.

Mustard yellow may be the color of the moment (warm, rustic, earthy colors like copper and mustard are really popular right now). But is this really a color you’re going to be able to live with for years down the road? Leather is extremely durable. So your new mustard-colored sofa or chair will most likely be with you for many, many years.

Furniture isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you choose something you’re going to be happy with beyond 2020.

But it doesn’t mean you can only go with neutrals. Have some fun with color, by all means. Just make sure it’s a color you’ve liked for a long time and know you’ll be a fan of down the road.

If you find a piece you like which the “color of the moment” – beware.

If it’s a color you like, go for it. If it’s a color you’re just now discovering, give the piece a bit more thought before going through with the purchase.

3 of the Hottest Furniture Trends to Watch for In 2020

In addition to the colorful leather trend of the New Year, there are some other trends you can take advantage of to make your house look fantastic.

1. Living Room Color Trends

2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year when it comes to colors.

Not only are rich, earth tones extremely popular, so is a certain pastel.

When choosing colors for your space, the following colors (Millennial Pink, Rust, Copper, or Gold) will be perfectly on-trend for a sofa, leather chair, or any other living room accents like pillows, throws, and artwork.

2. Scandinavian Influences  

The Scandinavian influence, on the other hand, is minimalism with a twist. The lines are sharp, the colors cool (think white, black, and various shades of blue), and the room uncluttered.

The difference between Scandinavian and modern minimalism is Scandinavian-influenced furniture utilizes natural elements, like white wood as opposed to plastic furniture pieces.

You can go with this trend by a choosing either a bright white or a deep blue leather couch to fit your Scandinavian theme.

3. Larger Furniture Pieces

Sofas and chairs are expanding. Home fashionistas love big, fluffy, cozy seating for 2020. Choose an overstuffed leather chair to create a fabulously comfortable reading nook.

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture: Providing You with the Very Best Leather Furniture

Do you need to breathe some new life into your living space?

If so, you should definitely try at least one of these furniture trends for the New Year. If the trend you want to try is a new piece of leather furniture, make sure to contact us or check out or warehouse.

We have some of the best leather furniture in the entire U.S. The furniture manufacturers we work with use the very best materials and their craftsmanship is top-notch.

We’re proud of the selection we have to offer you and we’re positive you’ll find a new piece of furniture which will make your living space look fresh and beautiful.

Will you be remodeling in 2020? If so, contact us today. We’ll be happy to show you the latest leather furniture.

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